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Ula Ascendant

Saturday night found us short a gnome (that line is never not funny) as Bung apparently had some sort of torches and pitchforks event to attend on the far side of Bedrock in a town so small that not only do they not have wireless internet or cell phone but they still find carbon paper a magical modern convenience.

One of the local potentates there appeared to have been caught with his hand in the seed corn, which could have either been the literal truth or some sort of provincial euphemism, and the whole village was coming out to see justice done on a Saturday night like the final scene from The Wicker Man, though sans the goat, PETA entanglements being something we’d all rather avoid.

None of which directly explained why Bung had to be there, but off he went, leaving us with a group of four.

Not quite enough to go try Durnholde Keep again, especially since Bung was one of those who missed the quest update last week, so we would have to go run it again.

So we headed back to Shadowmoon Valley with our group for the evening:

69 Mage – Ula
70 Paladin – Vikund
70 Priest – Skronk
70 Warrior – Earlthecat

Our goal: Get Ula to level 70!

Which meant running through some quests.

We picked up some quests, eventually settling in with a series that ran through Legion Hold and the Death Forge.  After a while Earl called it a night but Skronk, Ula, and Vikund pressed on.

We ended up doing one of those really fun WoW quests.  The staple of quest lines may be deliver this, talk to so and so, and slay a certain number of creatures, but once in a while Blizzard actually comes up with way to make these things really fun.

Boy, doesn’t that sound like a condemnation of the genre?  Once in a while we do something fun!

Anyway, this one, called “The Fel and the Furious” involved using controls to take over a fel reaver guardian then going on a rampage with it to destroy sixty Deathforge Infernals.  But you have to manage that before the guardian takes too much damage and you lose control of it.

Really, it was fun, whimsical, and it was a lot easier to destroy 60 infernals than you might imagine.

And, at the end of the quest, when we turned it in, we hit the magic moment:

Ula hit level 70!

And then WoW promptly locked up on her.

Actually, Quest Helper appeared to be the culprit, as Skronk also locked up at the same point with errors from that add on.  Vikund was not running it, so was spared and could take the screen shot.

The whole team was finally level 70.

Once Quest Helper was disabled and everybody was back online, we had to get back to Wildhammer Outpost to turn in the quest line.  Then Ula had to train and buy her flying mount.

Then it was flying lessons.

We all took off, then began to follow one another off and on, flying in formation for a bit, then peeling off to check something out.

Trail Formation

Trail Formation

Everything went fine until Ula went in to land at the horde outpost with Skronk and Vikund in tow.  Skronk got blown out of the air by one of the horde flying patrols while Ula and I made our escape.

We regrouped at one of the peaks overlooking the zone.

Parked Up High

Parked Up High

Being able to fly, even slowly (though Vikund gets a 20% speed bonus for himself and the group with the crusader aura) is really a lot of fun, eclipsing even the joy of fae glide in EverQuest II.

Earl was a bit short on gold when he hit 70, but we’re close to being the airmobile permenant floating saturday night instance group.

And next week, perhaps, we can finish up with Durnholde Keep at last.