EVE Answers Another Theoretical

Among the UI enhancements CCP put into the Empyrean Age 1.1 was another couple pieces of data in the sea of data that is EVE Online.

Specifically, they added information on your total buy and sell orders to the bottom of the Orders tab of the Wallet window.

Now, being the unsophisticated EVE player, my buy order total is almost always very close to my escrow total.  I do not do much with contracts and the like, but I could imagine that for some these two numbers should be broke out.

The total of sell orders though, the answer to the magic question “If it all sold today, how much would I get?” is something I ask myself more often than I should like to admit.

So score another one for the data hungry in EVE Online.

Meanwhile, it looks like I had better start training Wholesale III.  I’m running out of order slots.

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