WAR Preview – Quest Log Refute

I received a bit of heat over some, to me, very minor things I said about the Warhammer Online Preview Weekend.

One item, in particular, was that I would like to be able to open up the Tome of Knowledge to the quest log section rather than having to leaf through it.

I’ll provide a choice reaction to that:

You honestly expect any of us to believe Mr. 1999 Everquest player couldn’t figure out the shortcut to a quest log? Seriously?

So with WAR back up this morning for Preview Weekend II I logged back in determined to find that so-very-obvious short cut to the quest log over which I was berated.

As far as I can tell, it does not exist.  It isn’t listed in the keymap settings and there is nothing about it on the quest page in the Tome of Knowledge or anyplace else that I can see.

So I’ll just wait for either an apology or somebody to prove that such a shortcut exists.  Either one will do.

Meanwhile, I seem to have caught the “crash to desktop” virus in the game.  They may have fixed a lot of things, but that one still seems to be active.

25 thoughts on “WAR Preview – Quest Log Refute

  1. JM

    I just wanted to say that I don’t like your preconceptions about having preconceptions about how great the game is that I will never play. Also, what do people like you have against slice bread anyway!


  2. Cheston

    I would also like to hear about this shortcut, as that was a pet peev of mine as well. It seems like something completely obvious, I find it strange that it wouldn’t be included, or patched in at some point.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Maybe, though that quote seems awfully specific, using the words “shortcut to a quest log.”

    And that was what I was writing about.

    Somebody else said that they just clicked on the quests in the quest tracker on the side of the screen, but a quest vacuum like me tends to have more quests than the quest tracker can hold.

    And, to answer the above, neither slash nor L works.

    @JM – I’m not sure I like your bias against preconceived preconceptions. You were obviously against them from the outset.


  4. Twanni

    Only shortcut I can think off and I’ve been in Closed beta for a year, is to click on the Quest in the Quest Objective tracker thingy. That brings you to that specific Quest’s first page. From there you can go to the Quest overview quite easily. I honestly don’t think there’s a straight to Quest Table of Contents shortcut.


  5. Hudson

    Well it would appear I semi owe you an apology about the Tome shorcut. I didn’t write that particularly nasty quote you blogged I just want to make that clear, but I did say the quest log was easily obtainable and it would seem that I thought hitting “K” was what you were looking for when indeed you wanted to go right to the QUEST PAGE. I will have to withdraw my statement that that was possible. Apparently I misunderstood.

    I throw my white glove at your feet sir, you may pick it up and slap me about the face with it.


  6. Openedge1

    A simple command that only requires an L or a J to open…does not open it?
    What about Q for quest? No?

    I think you discussed this before. Games still need to cater to their audience. The audience is players of MMOs.
    EVERY game I have played has a J or an L or has the ability to remap said command.
    If not, then this wondrous UI control that WAR has should allow me to make such changes.

    Oh brother. I hope this is just a quirk for you, and when I slide in Sunday, I see a better laid out control scheme.

    I am slightly critical of MMOs at this point, and silly stuff will not sit well with me…

    Ah well..Sunday cannot come soon enough


  7. Jason

    Press K and click on the Quests tab.

    Why is it such a big deal? Oh yeah…because having to use two keystrokes or clicks to get what you want may cause your hands to cramp up or something.


    Whoops. I just cramped up writing this comment. Time to bust out the Ben-Gay and Alieve.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, I wish you success in your new found career as human interface design consultant there Jason.

    Having worked on actual software, I tend to realize that certain things become standards in design. Quest log opens up with one key stroke is one of them for MMOs.

    But is is really a big deal? Not particularly. That’s where you get a bonus award for completely missing the point of this post.

    The point was that when I said I would like to be able to open the quest log with a single keystroke several people got in my face telling me that such a thing was of course possible in WAR and that I was a half-wit for missing it.

    And they were wrong.

    But I will gladly confirm your drunken idiot status.


  9. Oakstout

    You might be able to make a macro that does all that but, I doubt it.

    You can also access quests by clicking inside the red circled areas on your mini map or normal map. The red circled areas act as a quest helper similar to the one in WoW, where by they show you in some proximity where you can complete certain quests. If you double click in that area it will bring up that quest in the tome.

    This however does not bring up the quest list which is in current discussion, but I thought it might help some to know you can do that.


  10. James Egan

    I was a little surprised by this as well, Wilhelm. Honestly I didn’t think about it much and just did as Jason mentioned above, it was fairly intuitive. Still, it’s a slight departure from what some people are used to.


  11. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, in the grand scheme of things, this is tiny. If this were all there were to argue about in the design and implementation of WAR, Mark Jacobs and his team would deserve the world, the stars, and more in reward.

    On the other hand, one of the things I have to fight in my own job on a daily basis is “the design flaw that everybody on the team has learned to work around.” It is that item in the product that does not work as you expect or as documented. The team, which has to work with the product every day learns to work around it and develops a blind spot. There is probably a software change request files against the feature, but it becomes low priority as “everybody” knows the work around.

    Then you hand it to a customer and they spot it right away, not having developed that same blind spot. And maybe they’ll accept the work around and get used to it, but more likely they will say they want it to work as designed, so somebody from support, who knows he is going to hear this complaint from every customer, shows up in development asking for the fix and gets shouted down because the work around is so easy.

    And then a whole lot of time is wasted by everybody until the issue gets resolved.

    An extreme path for this little nit pick, but I come from a background of doing products for the Macintosh, where tiny stuff like this drives people insane (and where Apple makes some of the worst mistakes, or at least they used to) and in enterprise software, where the customer who just paid you a million dollars is ALWAYS right.


  12. Jason

    I’ve worked long and hard for my “drunken idiot” status. I don’t need your confirmation.

    You can’t possibly know how many beers and shots of whiskey it took to achieve that. People expect the alcohol to just pour itself down their gullets, but that’s not how it really works. I won’t bore you with the details, because you’re not an expert in the industry like I am.

    I’m wasn’t arguing with you. You’re absolutely right in assuming that a single key press should pull up something like your quest journal. It’s a fairly standard design concept in MMO’s. Why Mythic chose to ignore a simple thing like that is beyond me.

    Fact of the matter is (and you said this yourself), this isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. That was MY point.

    Zoinks! I actually agreed with you! Time to clean myself off. I feel dirty just for admitting that.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)


  13. Gaff

    @Wilhelm– do you work for the government, putting mines on dolphin’s heads or something? I would think that dolphin-borne anti-ship mines would be a huge blind spot for the navy, as dolphins are good luck and half mermaid/merman (don’t ask dont tell). The did a number on the North Vietnam boats, allegedly…

    Oh–and there are good peoples in this thread–one thing I am looking forward to in Casualties–most everyone seems to be able to disagree with some tact, class, and attentiveness.

    Wish this patch would hurry up….


  14. Openedge1

    Talk about a horribly SLOW patching process also.
    My first niggle. But, I will blame it on the fact this is not an Open Beta but a Stress Test.

    I mean, how many people bought preorders? How many people subscribe to Fileplanet?

    And then yesterday <> MMORPG.com gave out over 10k accounts.

    And then open your beta on the busiest day for any MMO (look at Xfire charts and look at all the Sunday spikes)

    STRESS TEST Sunday…hooray!


  15. Graktar

    Horribly slow patching? Compared to what? Nothing will ever be as slow as WoW’s patch process unless some company starts serving out bits by hand.


  16. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Patching Friday morning was quite zippy, but I have to imagine that I was pretty far ahead of the pack.

    As for how it compares to WoW’s patch process (which seems, to me, to have improved some over the last two years) some of us will get to compare when Blizz starts pushing out the pre-Lich King patches.


  17. bluelinebasher

    The quest journal didn’t come into DAoC until a long time after release. I’m not surprised if it wasn’t given priority and bumped to a future enhancement. They probably figured the book and the side bar links are enough for now.


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