Another EVE Online Goal Achieved


It can be difficult sometimes to get your head around the numbers in EVE.  I sell stuff on the market that ranges from 10 ISK into the millions of ISK.

And even at a billion, it isn’t like I have “won” and can buy anything I want.  There is a lot of stuff out there that costs more than a billion ISK.  My Titanic Proposal post estimated the cost of building and flying a titan at about 120 billion ISK.

I owe it all… or at least a good chunk of it… to that sweet, sweet kernite.

Now, I’m literally two hours of skill training away from being able to fly a freighter.  Do I spend a 800 million ISK and do away with one of my hauling woes, or is there something else for which I should be saving?

14 thoughts on “Another EVE Online Goal Achieved

  1. fholcan

    Congrats on your billion :)
    I’d go for the freighter, but that’s just me, I’ve been wanting to fly an Obelisk since the first day I started playing EVE :P


  2. TehMoniez

    You must ask yourself: do you realy NEED a freighter? Are you in a position in which the volumes you are hauling (i.e: the time you save hauling in a freighter vs hauling in an industrial) justify the 800M investment?


  3. James Egan

    Congrats on breaking one bill. It’s really a memorable event in the EVE experience, I think. It was for me anyway. I only wish I still had a billion liquid…

    As to the freighter, is the ship insurable up to the full purchase price? I should probably know this, but I never went past the Bestower.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I still have to analyze the whole freighter thing, which will no doubt end up being a post of its own: Skills required, buy vs. build, insurance, and what the hell will I haul in 700K cu/m of space.


  5. michael, St E

    I station-traded my way through six particularly OCD weeks and got myself up to 1.6B liquid last autumn specifically to acquire a Providence, basically because it’s imho one of the prettiest ships, and reminds me of Elite’s Python. You’re going to be looking at the ship for a long time, make sure you like it. ;)

    I then trained up maxed-out agility skills on my freighter main to make it less painful during long hauls. As a side effect his ‘geddon now always lands in missions first. Joy.

    Do not underestimate the soul-numbing effect of pipe freighter hauls. Even with alts to force aligns with webs, freighters warp slower than heck.

    Otoh, the personal flexibility is great. I also enjoy helping out corpmates with hauls or relocation, and resupplies during wartime.

    Coincidentally, some of the freighter requirements are on the Capital path. Keep your Titanic skillplan hot. ;)

    Tried station-trading again recently, would rather die. Aversion therapy: succesful.


  6. Kirith Kodachi

    I’ll tell you, for moving mass amounts of stuff around the galaxy, (including assembled cruisers and small in courier contracts *wink*) nothing beats the freighter. I own one and its a life saver for large scale construction efforts. Heck I own two!


  7. z0rchain

    Ok so. Do NOT buy a freighter until you have at least a billion isk on top of the freighter price. Once you have that what you should do is;

    Go to a market hub where a certain item is cheap.

    Buy a LOT of that item.

    Put that item on the market in more expensive places (not all in the same place or you will flood the market)




  8. TehMoniez

    You only need a freighter for that if you’re dealing with high volume product, like minerals or POS fuel,etc.

    There is certainly plenty of ISK to be made with a freighter, if you have the patience and skill to follow the market.


  9. Gaff

    Um, patience to follow the market…plenty of isk to be made, I think that is enough to ensure he is piloting a freighter. On the other hand, I will train up the cov-ops ship so you can haul my stuff out to 0.0 :)


  10. Editor

    Buy a shuttle and an expensive clone.

    Then see whether you can get to New Eden without being popped.

    If you do so, then head towards the gate.


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