Daily Archives: September 8, 2008

Witty Ranter #12

Once bitten, twice shy.

These are apparently just words on a page to me.

Having run afoul of some members of the so-called “warhammer faithful” previously, you might think that I would shy away from a guest spot with that rabble-rouser Adam.

Instead, here I am playing the fool once again on a podcast titled “WAR: What’s All the Ruckus?”

Fortunately, Brent, Darren, and Michael were also along for the ride so, in general, other people made controversial statements and argued.

The Warhammer Online topics covered were:

  1. Advancing the MMORPG genre – Just how much does WAR accomplish?
  2. PVP in WAR and in general.  We stray away from WAR quite bit during this segment.  MMORPG PVP is treated harshly, tears are shed.
  3. Why are some people so emotionally invested in WAR?
  4. What impact will WAR have on the MMORPG space?

We were also slated to talk about classes and races in WAR, which is where I planned to actually, you know, talk, but we ran long and ended up skipping that topic.

There are also some out takes at the end of the show which do not include Brent’s critique of the work of Thomas Harris nor a long discussion around episodes I-III of the Star Wars movies.  As fun as they were, those added up to another show’s worth of material.

The show runs just under one hour and four minutes.

Witty Ranter is part of the ever growing VirginWorlds Podcast Collective.

You can find Witty Ranter episode #12 here or on iTunes.