Pals with the Imperial Chancellor

The head of the executive branch of the Amarrian administration, the Imperial Chancellor is appointed by the Amarr Emperor and is answerable only to him. Though the Chancellor’s authority is mostly confined to the bureaucracy of the empire, he is still considered one of the most powerful individuals within the empire.

After getting my standings with the Amarr Navy up to the 8.0 mark, I started looking around to see if there was another NPC corporation that I should work with.  I was specifically interested in finding a corporation that had stations in or around the locations where I mine.  It is much easier to haul ore to a local station, refine it, then move the minerals to where you need them than it is to try and haul bulky ore any distance.

It was also important to pick a corporation whose stations refined with base yield efficiency of 50%.  That, with my current skills and a  standing of 6.5 or better gets me 100% yield on the ore I refine.  I had already found out the hard way, after some work with Ishukone Corporation, that not every NPC corp has a base yield efficiency of 50%.  Some come in at 30% which spoils the fun.

And so I ended up on the doorstep of the Imperial Chancellor, who happened to have stations right where I wanted to mine.

The downside of the Imperial Chancellor’s corp is that its best agents are in the financial sector and tend to offer up more courier missions than encounters.  Courier missions are easy, but you have to run a lot more of them to get the same boost in standings as you get from a single, good kill mission.

Of course, running more missions means getting more storyline missions.  I was getting about one story line mission a week mostly because I could do a dozen courier missions in an evening, but usually only one kill mission.

And so this past weekend I hit the magic standing mark.

Actually, I hit my initial goal of a 6.5 standing some time earlier and then decided to drive a bit further, to a standing of 8.0,  to get access to jump clones and such.

But now I am somewhat “done” with the Imperial Chancellor.  I mean, we’re BFF and all that and we’ll still hang out, but  I am not sure what further standing with an NPC faction would grant me.

So perhaps it is time to look for another NPC corporation to work on.  The nice thing about the standing system is that as you raise your standings with one NPC corp within a given faction, your overall standing with that faction grows so that you do not start so far down the ladder.

For example, when I started doing missions for the Amarr Navy, I had to do level 1 missions.  For the Imperial Chancellor, I was able to start out on level 2 mission.

My effective standing with any Amarr aligned NPC corporation is now 4.47, which should let me start off with level 3 missions. (That effective standing made things easy for me when it came to research agents as well.)

It is just a matter of choosing the next corp.  I am thinking about The Ministry of Internal Order.

The Amarr authorities have vast experience in molding their citizens as they want. The Ministry of Internal Order is responsible for hunting down disgruntled elements in the society and eradicating them. Since first contact the Ministry of Internal Order is also responsible for monitoring the activities of foreigners within the Amarr border, especially Minmatar terrorist cells.

They sound like fun!

6 thoughts on “Pals with the Imperial Chancellor

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Being a bit of a “disgruntled element” in the society myself, I figured it would be best to get on their good side before I end up facing eradication.

    I hear that the Ministry of Internal Order has a sale at their impound lot every so often where you can pick up Minmatar terrorist ships cheap. I wonder if there is a high standing discount?


  2. Letrange

    Btw the 50%/30% station refining can be by station. I have a case in Uttindar where the same corp has 3 stations. 2 of them are 30% the 3rd is 50%, guess which one has the higher rent :P


  3. Tio

    I believe at 9.0 standings you get a free ship, or ship BPC, or something along those lines… don’t remember the details, was a chat i had with a corpy a while back before moving out to 0.0 and forgetting about all those silly standings issues.


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