Escape from Durnholde Keep – Round 3

Once more back in time on a Saturday night to try to rescue Thrall and finish up the Escape from Durnholde Keep.  Our line up for the night was:

70 Warlock – Bungholio
70 Warrior – Earlthecat
70 Priest – Skronk
70 Mage – Ula
70 Paladin – Vikund

I have been listing our levels in every post about the group as a method of recording our progress.  For the first time since we began the instance group and did our first run, nearly two years ago, we were all at the level cap.  Even at our slow pace we have caught up with Blizzard.

So back to Tanaris, back to the Caverns of Time, back to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills, and back to Durnholde Keep.

Last time around we had it going on until the last fight and would have been done completely but for releasing from death too soon.

This time around we started off well again, feeling confident after the last run.  We blew through, set fire to the barracks, killed Lt. Drake (who dropped Uther’s Ceremonial Warboots for the third time running), made our way into the keep, released Thrall, fought our way back out, and defeated Captain Skarloc (who coughed up Durotan’s Battle Harness for Earl), finally coming to rest at the first waypoint in the set of encounters.

Skarloc Victory Party - Now With Totems

Skarloc Victory Party - Now With Totems

Then it was time to mount up and blaze through the next set of encounters.  I remembered to catch the “second horse” that appears when Thrall mounts up.

Thrall 'Two Mounts' Jackson

Thrall "two mounts" Jackson

We rode off, fought the battle of the stable and the battle of the altar without issue, and were thus again lined up for that final encounter with the Epoch Hunter.

Our first run did not go so good.  We got a bit too spread out and wiped before we even done with the Epoch Hunter’s minions.  As luck would have it, the soul stone expired during the fight, so we had to release and run back.

In place again, we started off, doing much better until the last set of minions when Bung went down.  We finished off the group and Bung got a quick ress, and then it was in to the Epoch Hunter fight.

It was not one of our more well executed battles.

The Epoch Hunter’s “Impending Doom” DOT made things difficult and soon we were starting to fade.  Earl went down and we began to despair.  Then Vikund, then Skronk, then Bung went down.  Only UIa was left.

She summoned her ice elemental minion and roared into the attack.  We had the Epoch Hunter down to just a couple percent of health, and Ula carried it through to victory.

Ula Survives!

Ula Survives!

The Epoch Hunter was down.  Skronk used the soul stone to revive, then ressed the rest of us.  The quest updated, we turned it in to Erozion as quickly as possible, lest some other complication arise, and stood for the victory picture.

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

And so we were done at last.  Thrall can get on with his life and we can get on with ours.

Of course, all that running through the instance meant that some of us were honored with the Keepers of Time.

This required a side trip to the faction vendor in the Caverns of Time to see what goodies were available to us.  Vikund picked out the Crusader’s Ornamented Chestplate, a decent upgrade from his old chest armor.

And now we have to decide what to do this coming weekend.  Should we stick with the Keepers of Time, now that we’re well into honored and some of us are drooling over a bit of the revered equipment, and see what is behind Dark Portal #1, should we head over to Auchindoun and the Sethekk Halls, should it be back to Coilfang Reservoir and the Steam Vault?

9 thoughts on “Escape from Durnholde Keep – Round 3

  1. Rohan

    Sethekk is next by difficulty. You may want to hold off on Black Morass for a bit.

    Also, remember to do your Karazhan key quest. You need to go to most of the major dungeons.


  2. Darraxus

    Yeah, like Rohan said, hold off on BM. Black Morrass is tuned for people who are ready to enter Karazhan and can be very difficult (I remember my first tries we didnt even get much past the second boss).

    Setthek is an OK instance, and shouldnt be too hard will all level 70s. If you all have your flying mounts, I would recommend the Mechanaar.


  3. Tholal

    Sethekk Halls is a bit tough for its level range, especially the final boss fight. Black Morass requires a character with serious burst DPS. I think the Steam Vaults would probably be good for your party composition.


  4. Relmstein

    Like everyone else is saying the Black Morass is a pain for people new to level 70. Setthek Halls isn’t that hard except the first boss who summons elementals at an exponential rate. Like Tholal said having burst damage helps to kill him before he summons an army.

    If you do try the Steam Vaults then make sure your group is well verse in moving around to avoid hurricanes. The first boss in there can easily wipe a group if your bunched together. The next two in the Steam Vaults are pretty easy though both have little tricks you have to learn to beat them.


  5. Graktar

    Black Morass has been nerfed quite a bit and may be doable with some practice. The quest chain from Keepers of time will pretty much take you from Honored to Revered if you complete everything.

    Steam Vault is pretty easy if you take it slow and pull carefully, but the first boss in the dungeon is actually the hardest. The end boss is cake in comparison.

    Mechanaar is also the easiest of the tempest keep 5 mans and could be worth a try.

    None of the normal level 70 5 mans really require much in the way of gear so much as they require practice to beat the encounters. Once you have the tactics down you shouldn’t have too much trouble . . . except maybe with Black Morass. If your DPS isn’t high enough you’ll lose no matter how well you know the encounters.


  6. Eric

    Black Morass is the best intanstance in the game. Hey maybe in any game ;).

    As long as a hunter or someone similar that can kill quickly, is on the adds that come from the portals, you should be ok.


  7. *vlad*

    Whichever one you choose, don’t expect to complete it in one sitting.
    Whether BM, Mech, Sethekk or Steam Vaults, you will have to learn the wipe a few times.
    Just enjoy it, and don’t think wipe = failure.
    I would avoid Shattered Halls and Shadow Labs for now.


  8. Lanath

    If you havent done Black Morass before it will be quite hard to learn the way the dungeon works and the bosses. However if you have a group of people who have experience in that dungeon then it can be quite easy. As an example: our group had a lvl 69 warlock, a lvl 69 feral druid (2 friends of my), a just dinged lvl 70 protection paladin (me), a lvl 70 warrior tank and a lvl 70 holy priest. The warrior had some ok gear from what I recall, blue items and some greens, only the priest had some nice gear with the epic made tailoring set and blues/greens. The warrior tanked the mini bosses while I was on the adds together with dots from the warlock. We cleared the dungeon quite easily.

    For Sethekk Halls I wouldnt recommend nuking the first boss as quickly as possible, if I remember correctly, he summons adds when he reaches certain % of his health. Its better to take down the adds each time they spawn otherwise they probably go on the healer. Unless you have a paladin tank who can hold them all on to him.


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