Daily Archives: September 14, 2008

WAR Goes Live!

At noon Eastern time, or 9am Pacific time, today, Warhammer Online went live with the beginning of the head start for those who pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of the game.

Of the two servers that Casualties of War chose for guild play, Averheim for Order and Volkmar for Destruction, Averheim was not up right away.  So I rolled up a Destruction character first.

After making my Black Orc, Wuhl, I got a bit of a shock trying to get in to play.

I was greeted with this message:

18 hours to get past a queue of three people?

Well, it seems that 18 hours is the default time, as I saw that same number pop up a couple more times.  In reality it was about a minute to get on to the server.

Still, there were queues all of five minutes into the CE head start.  And within an hour the queue to get into the Volkmar was getting pretty deep.

I wonder how long before we see an expansion of servers.  I mean, we’re only seeing CE pre-order people at the moment.  What will it be like when day one for everybody shows up?

This mattered because the client locked up on me.  This seems to be the new crash to desktop on my scenario, only it is worse as it requires me to do a hard reboot.

After I got back to the game and saw the queue to get back on to Volkmar, I headed over to the Order server to reserve some names and find the guild.

There I actually found the guild, including Jobildo, Syncaine, and Tobold.  There we many more, but I haven’t mentally associated character names with blogging identities yet.

I did get to play for about an hour, spending most of my time doing the RvR scenario Nordenwatch.  They seem to have tweaked the experience rate between preview weekend one and preview weekend II/open beta.  At preview one, doing PvE quests seemed to allow you to gain ranks a lot faster, while I heard some complaints about how slowly RvR let you progress.

Now, however, it takes a lot more PvE quests to get a rank, while RvR seems to let you cruise up through ranks a lot more easily.  This was all compounded by the fact that everybody was level one, so the competition for goals in PvE quests was pretty fierce.  You should have seen all the greenskins trolling the beach looking for barrels, for example.

Anyway, as I predicted earlier, my “main for the moment” is a witch hunter.  I used one of my standard names and called him Tistann.

I decided to go for a bit of the Nick Fury look with the eyepatch.