Daily Archives: September 16, 2008

Quest Talk – Which is Worse?

I was running my hunter Tistann through Nagrand last week when at one point I found myself with two kill quests of different flavors.

The first was a straightforward “kill 30 blue foozles” quest.  You know exactly what you need to do, foozles are visible from the quest giver, and they are plentiful.  In fact, there are so many you can see why the quest giver wants you to help thin them out.

The second was a “Kill red foozles until you get 3 drops” quest.  Of course, after years of such quests, you know that you will have to kill a lot more than 3 foozles.  Theoretically, it could happen, but experience says otherwise.  Furthermore, these foozles are somewhat sparse on the ground, at least relative to the blue foozles.

With that comparison right in front of me, I wondered which I preferred.

Solo, I would probably favor the 3 drops quest.  In a group however, where only one person can get the drop each time it happens, that sort of quest becomes and unending nightmare.

In a group though, killing 30 goes by in a flash, while alone you feel every single foozle you have to slay.

Which of these two quests makes you cringe more?