Quest Talk – Which is Worse?

I was running my hunter Tistann through Nagrand last week when at one point I found myself with two kill quests of different flavors.

The first was a straightforward “kill 30 blue foozles” quest.  You know exactly what you need to do, foozles are visible from the quest giver, and they are plentiful.  In fact, there are so many you can see why the quest giver wants you to help thin them out.

The second was a “Kill red foozles until you get 3 drops” quest.  Of course, after years of such quests, you know that you will have to kill a lot more than 3 foozles.  Theoretically, it could happen, but experience says otherwise.  Furthermore, these foozles are somewhat sparse on the ground, at least relative to the blue foozles.

With that comparison right in front of me, I wondered which I preferred.

Solo, I would probably favor the 3 drops quest.  In a group however, where only one person can get the drop each time it happens, that sort of quest becomes and unending nightmare.

In a group though, killing 30 goes by in a flash, while alone you feel every single foozle you have to slay.

Which of these two quests makes you cringe more?

20 thoughts on “Quest Talk – Which is Worse?

  1. Kinless

    You hit the nail on the head. If I expect I’ll be doing the Kill 30 quest with my wife, I need to wait for her so we can kill the 30 mobs together. But I can go ahead and do Get 3 Drops on my own without her. And when she’s ready to do the quest, I’ll help her get her 3 drops, we just make sure the looting is on free-for-all. Or she just gets to it on her own time when I’m off elsewhere.

    It’s part of how I reached level 69 while she’s still 67, despite questing in parallel most every step of the way. We both got the quest xp, and split the xp for killing her mobs. And I got full xp for killing them on my own earlier.

    Would it kill Blizzard to offer the one quest to us with two ways to complete it? A solo friendly way, and a group friendly way? Solo will have to come up with x number of drops, and grouped will have to come up with x number of kills. I.e. Go kill 30 Foozles, or bring me 3 Pristine Foozle Brains.

    The cynic in me says “Yes, it would.” It’d reduce the quanitity of content they could offer. Now you get two different quests, doing albeit, the same damn thing. The other way it’s just one quest.


  2. Eric

    I like the ones with a set goal much better. Can be very frustrating to have to grind half an hour for one more pig snout :(. WAR does this much better (as far as I have seen so far).


  3. Talyn

    I’ll kill 30 as well. At least that way I’m continuously seeing progress instead of hopeless grinding with no idea which mob will advance the collection counter.


  4. bluelinebasher

    They both make me cringe. While the kill 30 is a bad grind — and the downfall is really when there’s already 2 or more people all camping and pulling the same mobs trying to get the same credit, even that is less frustrating that the potential infinte grind and second guessing of mob type, location, etc. when looking for specific loot and you’re not getting the correct drops. Doing that in a group or duo is painful too. Enjoy 30 mins of “didja get it?” “nope” “how bout now?” “nope” “did you check you correct pack?” “oh…” “did you have it all along?” “ummm” vs tag team slaughtering of happy squirrels. So even if the story is slightly better than the guy would pay handsomely for 3 red squirrel pelts to make a red squirrel vest and have enough left over to make you a furry hat as well, I’ll take the ridiculous kill count thank you. Specific loot quests make me cringe more. Especially in Eve, where I have to double back sometimes to retrieve it.


  5. Joe

    I don’t have much patience for doing things I don’t like in games. When I start dreading the quests and comparing “which type of quests do I hate the least”, it’s usually a signal for me that it’s time for a break.

    I guess I have a very short “grind” fuse. While I enjoy both types of quests in short doses, WoW’s insanely low drop rate for high-level quest items is one of the reasons I only buy prepaid game cards for WoW, and why I don’t currently have an active WoW account.

    That being said, I guess I hate the “kill 30 floozles” quests the least, at least in WoW. In LOTRO, though, they actually made the ““Kill red foozles until you get 3 drops” quests fun. The absolute worst drop rate I’ve seen for mob quest items in LOTRO is 50%, and our characters are in the mid levels.


  6. Talyn

    Yeah, LOTRO did a great job in that regard. Many of LOTRO’s “kill ten foozle” quests are anywhere from 4-14 kills, I don’t recall any higher *off the top of my head* anyway. If you need 4 wolf teeth, guess what? Every wolf you kill has teeth in its head! Funny how that works… The only exception is if they ask for perfectly undamaged teeth, in which case the drop rate is 30% to 50% usually.

    Compare that to my current quest chain in Vanguard for the Shadowhound mount — by the time I’m done I’ll have been asked to kill 500+ mobs (not counting wandering mobs who don’t count for the quests) in various places on all 3 continents and *then* have to pay 10 gold (which I don’t have) to get the final quest for the mount itself… /sigh


  7. Yeebo

    LoTRO is the only MMO I’ve ever played where the quests for drops don’t fill me with dread. From EQ on it’s been an idiotic tradition in MMOs that less than one boar in ten has feet or intestines. It’s utterly stupid.

    If Blizzard really wanted to make leveling alts less painful, instead of nerfing the XP needed across the board, they could simply have changed the drop rate on quest items to 100%. The game would have instantly been more fun for a new alt without feeling like they over did things. That would have been especially useful for experienced players.


  8. yunk

    huh I just read some of the comments, not sure what version of LOTRO you guys are playing, I remember having to slay boars ad infinitum in the lonelands, half of which didn’t have the items I wanted. I swore off pork for a month!


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    EQ2 might hold a record, with one quest requiring the slaying of 1,000 sentient beings. Granted, it is a heritage quest which has an expectation of high effort to complete, plus you could slay any sentient being of any level, so alll you needed a low level area with a high population and an AOE attack to really get moving on it.

    EQ2 had a few others at launch that involved slaying 50 or 100 specific mobs that were horrible grinds for meager rewards.


  10. Graktar

    They’re both examples of horrible quest design, so I’ll take neither thanks. Kill ‘x’ quests are fine, so long as the numbers required are small. Once you get above 10 or so the quest becomes a pointless grind where you’ll get far more xp from killing the mobs than you will from the quest itself, meaning you might as well just be grinding mobs of your choice anywhere you like.

    The ‘get 3 drops from red foozles’ quests have been spoofed by just about every webcomic that touches MMOs at all, so I won’t even bother discussing what’s wrong with that one :p


  11. Ogrebears

    I really hate the second type (find 3 drops).

    Though some like you said some of the Everquest 2 one that are kill so and so many mobs are annoying. I remember i hated doing the book quest. Kill 10 mobs here, read the book, kill 10 mobs there, read the book…


  12. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ugh, those book quests. I am still trying to forget those. The ones in Thundering Steppes where you had to kill 10 of something where only 2 or 3 were ever up in the whole zone.

    I will say, when WoW asks you to kill 30 of something, at least there are usually a hundred or so within a short walk.

    Book quests… *shiver*


  13. saylah

    I’ll take killing 30. I know exactly when the quest will complete. I hate waiting on random drops where the one holding the cookie might be the one some jerk just tapped while you were doing your wind-up. AOC made 30 easy with the combat that hits multiple mobs and from what I saw, all mobs have body parts for the quests. Go figure. So far it seems WAR is doing the same – if you’re asked to kill bats for ears, all bats have ears.


  14. Copra

    Though I love the lore and exploration, I try to get as many connected quests there are. Usually there are both kill 30 foozles and kill foozles till you get 3 drops available at the same time, so it really doesn’t bother. But if I had to choose from those two options, I would go for the kill 30 rather than kill till drops. Like someone earlier stated, I’d at least see the progress instead of relying on the rng to give me the right lottery ticket.


  15. Matthew Pass

    I like the method EQ II uses where if it’s a random drop, it’s often not a physical, looted, item that has to be picked up by a group member. Therefore, with every kill while you’re grouped, *every* member of the group has the chance to get the drop.

    I recall that this took a lot of explaining to people after launch in that people deliberately weren’t grouping, thinking that if they grouped they lost out on the chance of a drop; whereas in reality in *increased* their chances of completing quests as more mobs could be torn through…


  16. *vlad*

    I prefer to kill 30 than wait for 3 random drops. There are WoW quests where you get a 100% drop rate for items, but not many.
    One of the Alchemy quests has you going to Black Morass over and over because of the poor drop rate.

    A typical quest that does annoy me goes as follows:

    Quest Giver: ” Those pesky Foozles are causing havoc with the Harvesting. Go out and thin their numbers. Bring me 12 Red Foozle Hats as proof”.

    So you go out into the field, and half of the Foozles are wearing Blue Hats, not Red, and it’s impossible to kill/aggro only the ones with the Red Hats, so you end up fighting the ones you don’t even want.

    Then you find someone else has the same quest as you, and in a short space of time there are only Foozles with Blue Hats in the field.


  17. Talyn

    Kill and Collect quests are one area where I think other MMO’s *need* to implement a form of open/public questing ala WAR, even retroactively in existing games (assuming that would fit the overall mentality of the game, so EQ would not apply here). If I need 10 Foozles and walk into the Foozle Field to find other players, the server needs to check to see if I have the quest and if so, provide a means for me to automatically join them instead of begging and pleading with them over /say or /tell only to be ignored.

    Same for named world bosses too…


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