Daily Archives: September 27, 2008

EVE Online Simple Trainer Trojan Horse

If, like me, you recieved this email:

Hello EVE Online community,

Gold Harvest Macro Solutions is proud to announce the retail launch of the Simple Trainer automated skill training macro for use with EVE Online! Simple Trainer will take any length skill plan for an unlimited number of characters and train it automatically. It has an easy to use interface that allows any user to create or upload their personalized skill training plan and begin training in minutes. No extensive setup is required to use Simple Trainer and you do not need to monitor it either. Simple Trainer will read and react to the information presented on the screen in a manner that will not get you or your account in trouble, so it is completely safe to use. Your account information is not necessary, but if used it is only stored locally and we stand by our promise of safety.

Be warned that the software being offered contains a Trojan Horse that will probably swipe information from your computer and send it off to the authors of the program.

Massively reports that this has been verified by CCP and they have put out a warning about this program.

Of course, I know you would never be tempted to use such a program, but somebody out there might.

The author of this scam can apparently be reached at andrew@simpleminer.com, just in case you were interested.