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September in Review

The Site

Having passed the two year mark, this is my third September in review.  I can now expand these to include a section called “two years ago!”  Or maybe I’ll wait a few years.  If I get past the five year mark I can just start recycling the “one year ago” entries under the banner of “five years ago.”  Old content only dies if you let it!

In addition to a second anniversary, the site also crossed the 400,000 page view mark.  If I had an ISK for every page view… I’d be pretty poor in EVE Online.

Finally, just because I like to compare statistics, I added Site Meter to the blog, so now I get three disparate readings when it comes to traffic on the site.  It is true, a man with one watch knows what time it is, a man with three watches is never sure.

But I do know now that up to 1% of my traffic came from Oman today.

One Year Ago

One year ago I was waxing nostalgic about the Thundering Steppes, complete with pictures.

Meanwhile, as Tabula Rasa prepared to show up, Auto Assault passed into the history of MMOs.  Unfair comparisons were made.

Our summer hiatus from WoW was over and the group was back together for more instance fun.

The return to WoW showed something of a contrast with the way LOTRO played.  I was asking why LOTRO was not as much fun as WoW while speculating on where LORTO might expand and making up silly sight-gag posts.

And I was responding to another blog meme, remembering Adventure, looking towards the future of PvP play, wondering if I was a member of the press, and talking about getting naked.

New Linking Sites

A very big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN! I hope you will visit them in return.

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Best Search Terms

wolf vs dog fights
[Um, no.]

witty eve ship names
[I actually have a post on that in progress.]

yahtzee “city of heroes”
[I don’t think we’ve gone there yet]

third generation mmo
[don’t even get me started]

EVE Online

I accomplished a goal in record time.  I set out to pass the one billion ISK mark in September, and was there by the 6th of the month.  Okay, I was well past the 900 million ISK mark when I made that declaration, but they say you should set achievable goals.  And even better,  I managed to not piss it all away on a solid gold shuttle or some such!.

Otherwise, I have just been slowly working on my standings with the Ministry of Internal Order.

I did send out my EVE Blog Pack profiles proposal to CrazyKinux finally.  Now the ball is in his court.

Warhammer Online

WAR launched smoothly enough, at least if you play on the side of Order, and the blush is not yet off the bloom.

I’ve been suffering from a serious bout of alt-itis, as I have been playing five characters, which are currently levels 12, 12, 11, 10, and 8.  Must focus!

The biggest disappointment is that the WAAAGH! Podcast seems to have pod faded after only two episodes.  Gary, Ryan, can you two get it together already?  Todd, can’t you do something about this?  I might have to transfer my loyalties to The Warpath.

World of Warcraft

Um… yes, the answer to the question of life after level 70 seems to be no, at least for most of our instance group.  As I said elsewhere, we shall see if WAR stays fresh or if the Lich King lures us back to Azeroth in November.

I still work on my hunter a little bit.  The hunter in WoW is one of the most fun classes to play, in my opinion.  He is closing in on level 68, so with a little work, I might have a pair of level 70 characters for Lich King.


My daughter and I have been playing a lot of LEGO games on the Wii.  Of course, LEGO Indiana Jones is still the freshest LEGO title in the house, but we have been going back to LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga some as well.  Still no Mario Kart Wii yet.

Coming Up

Tales of Warhammer no doubt, as the instance group delves into the game, plus the usual updates about EVE Online.

Plus, isn’t some other expansion coming out soon?  Something about mining or mines and a girl named Moira?

The Failure of the Surge?

Last week Mark Jacobs declared war on gold sellers on his own blog.  This was met by enthusiasm both in the blogesphere and in the comments following that post. (Though Mark’s “don’t pester me about game issues” comment policy means that almost any comment that is not kudos gets deleted.  The words of the master are to be cherished, not questioned!)

There was a bit of griping about the sever-wide pop-ups to announce gold spammers being banned, and some people were a bit skeptical about the sincerity of the war on gold sellers, which in turn led to a fruitful post, even if just measured by the number of comments and spin offs, about how to eliminate gold farming.

Heady times, last week!

I commented myself about how I was never hit by the same gold spammer twice, which was a damn good thing because the /ignore command does not work.  Oh, it puts people on your list, but they can still send you tells.  I’d like to see the test cases written for that feature, please.

And then came the weekend.

By Sunday night I was getting tells from the same three gold spammers over and over and over again.  Where were the strike teams?  Where were the pop-ups?  Where was the tip on what to do when faced by gold spammers?

I got tells from one of those three again last night.

And when I went to go check something for that last post this morning, I got tells from the same guy again!

Was this crusade against the gold spammers just a bit of show?  Is the problem too big for Mythic to handle?

Some Tips are Lies

Of course not all tips are helpful.

As far as I can tell, you can only join the scenario associated with the region you are currently in, and then only if you are in the appropriate level range.

So no level 12+ players in Nordland can join a scenario, because Nordenwatch does not allow it, and no level 11 or below players in Troll Country can join a scenario because Stonetroll Crossing does not allow it.  If you are the wrong level, you get a message about not being able to join the local scenario.

You also cannot join a scenario queue at all from Altdorf.

And just to top it off, you do not always end up back in the location from which you joined.  I’ve ended up back in the war camp half way across the zone from where I joined on several occasions.