The Failure of the Surge?

Last week Mark Jacobs declared war on gold sellers on his own blog.  This was met by enthusiasm both in the blogesphere and in the comments following that post. (Though Mark’s “don’t pester me about game issues” comment policy means that almost any comment that is not kudos gets deleted.  The words of the master are to be cherished, not questioned!)

There was a bit of griping about the sever-wide pop-ups to announce gold spammers being banned, and some people were a bit skeptical about the sincerity of the war on gold sellers, which in turn led to a fruitful post, even if just measured by the number of comments and spin offs, about how to eliminate gold farming.

Heady times, last week!

I commented myself about how I was never hit by the same gold spammer twice, which was a damn good thing because the /ignore command does not work.  Oh, it puts people on your list, but they can still send you tells.  I’d like to see the test cases written for that feature, please.

And then came the weekend.

By Sunday night I was getting tells from the same three gold spammers over and over and over again.  Where were the strike teams?  Where were the pop-ups?  Where was the tip on what to do when faced by gold spammers?

I got tells from one of those three again last night.

And when I went to go check something for that last post this morning, I got tells from the same guy again!

Was this crusade against the gold spammers just a bit of show?  Is the problem too big for Mythic to handle?

8 thoughts on “The Failure of the Surge?

  1. skeezer

    i thought i read somewhere that on the warhammer herald, they made reference to the SpamMeNot addon. i installed it and haven’t had my token gold spammer get through to me yet…no clue if thats the addon’s doing, or he/she got bored.

    before the addon though, i went into the social interface and set myself to hidden. i wouldn’t show up on my friends lists, but a simple tell let them know i was online. if you dont show up on any /who’s they cant spam you.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The ironic bit in all of this is that the flow of coin to the average player is plentiful enough to meet most reasonable needs. I have not come up short for anything I have wanted to purchase.

    So unless you need to pay the extortion-level prices that Tobold is charging for items, you should be set.


  3. Hudson

    Exactly. I have always had enough money to buy my renown gear at each stage. I don’t do tradeskills yet so that may be part of it, but I have a good chunk of cash. Plus with all my alts when I settle on ONE character I will mail him all their money


  4. nerrollus

    I’m in agreement with you … I’ve opened tickets for gold spammers and not gotten a response from a CSR in 5 days. Ticket is still open, same guy is still sending me tells.

    Nice work there task force …


  5. Graktar

    Well, I’d imagine it’s going to take time. There are a lot of servers and a LOT of spammers. Each potential gold seller has to be investigated to make sure they actually are a spammer before they get banned. Just because someone sends in a ticket doesn’t mean the person is actually a spammer. Worse, there’s nothing stopping a whole guild from trying to grief people by ticketing them as spammers, so no matter how many tickets there are against a name, they have to investigate and be sure.

    5 days does seem a bit long, but I doubt they have a team of hundreds working on this.

    Spam-me-not is great, I haven’t had a single spam tell since installing it. Mythic just needs to create an official version and incorporate it into the game client.


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