Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Dwarf Collector’s Edition Head

One of the perks of getting the Warhammer Online Collectors Edition is that you get a special… um… head.

Yes, you get a custom head, available to nobody else… who did not buy a Collector’s Edition.

The Empire version is a grim mask of death, too horrible and/or ugly for me to apply to my Witch Hunter.

Seriously, no screen shot here.  I could not do it.  I’ll have to find somebody else who put the thing on.

I know, when did *I* suddenly get standards?

I do not have any elf characters, so I have not seen that one.

But I do have a couple of dwarves!

The male dwarf model is quite acceptable, the key point being a keg of ale inserted into his beard.

Dude, my eyes are up here

Dude, my eyes are up here

Of course, somebody in the group said I looked like a St. Bernard.

That went straight into the Book of Grudges, let me tell you.