Dwarf Collector’s Edition Head

One of the perks of getting the Warhammer Online Collectors Edition is that you get a special… um… head.

Yes, you get a custom head, available to nobody else… who did not buy a Collector’s Edition.

The Empire version is a grim mask of death, too horrible and/or ugly for me to apply to my Witch Hunter.

Seriously, no screen shot here.  I could not do it.  I’ll have to find somebody else who put the thing on.

I know, when did *I* suddenly get standards?

I do not have any elf characters, so I have not seen that one.

But I do have a couple of dwarves!

The male dwarf model is quite acceptable, the key point being a keg of ale inserted into his beard.

Dude, my eyes are up here

Dude, my eyes are up here

Of course, somebody in the group said I looked like a St. Bernard.

That went straight into the Book of Grudges, let me tell you.

5 thoughts on “Dwarf Collector’s Edition Head

  1. syncaine

    I actually like the skull mask on my Warrior Priest, but I don’t think it really works all that well for a witch hunter.

    I also use the DE CE head on my DoK (yay MMO acronyms), the red face tattoo fits the DoK well imo.


  2. Graktar

    High Elves get a blindfold. Yep, that’s it. Blindfold. Woo. I guess it would be a good excuse for someone standing next to the flag while an enemy caps it from behind them. “Oh sorry guys, didn’t see him. You know, blindfold.”

    Chaos gets to gouge out both their eyes and get a third eye on the forehead instead. It’s pretty graphic when you look at yourself, but when looking at other people you can barely tell most of the time.

    I haven’t seen the Greenskin one yet.


  3. tenfoldhate

    Have you seen the custom head on a female dwarf yet? They look great. They’re almost like beer keg barrettes. I just griped about this a bit over on Hudson’s blog, but I would like to see the custom heads be able to be toggled on-and-off. The dwarf custom head is one of the better ones. The Empire one, though cool, is a bit much since the death’s head mask obscures the characters whole face. Would be neat to don in scenarios or whatever, but don’t want it planted on my face 24/7.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I agree on the mask thing. I might wear it some of the time if you could take it off, but as a permanent feature of my character, I couldn’t go with it.


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