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The Instance Group Goes To WAR

Saturday night and we were in a new world, the World of Warhammer!

Erm, no… that spells out WoW…

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning!

As frenzied battling greenskins scream it, “WOAOR!” which is pronounced, and often misspelled as, “WAAAGH!”

Or maybe I just made that up.

Anyway, as previously noted, our regular Saturday night WoW instance group decided, after all hitting level 70, to try a new game.

We came up one short on Saturday night.  We were expecting to have six online, but were undeterred.  We were all still low level and new to the game, so there was plenty to do and explore.  All we could not do was form our own little alts guild, a necessity as Casualties of WAR proved to be too popular and stopped accepting new members before all of us could join.

And missing out on the guild thing for a week was probably good, as the name may prove to be a point of contention.  The current contenders are:

Yolo Country Regulars – Not so popular with those not living in Yolo County.
Twilight Imperium – Looks good on the business cards, includes the Twilight from past guilds, but a bit stuffy.
Twilight Milkmen Imperium – Good for hanging around with CoWs, good acronym (TMI), but a bit long and we are not all men.
52nd Eklund Rifles – Nice, if we were all engineers… but we’re not.  Not yet, anyway.

We’ll get back to that next time.

We started out running scenarios as a group with:

Szszla – Rank 7 Ironbreaker (that Ula girl)
Ziegfried – Rank 7 White Lion (Skronk)
Chicken – Rank 9 Shadow Hunter (Bung)
Meclin – Rank 11 Ironbreaker (Gaff)
Varsoon – Rank 11 Warrior Priest (me… yes, name stolen from EQ2)

And that went well enough as a warm up until Meclin and Varsoon both hit rank 12 at the end of a scenario and the scenario fun was over.

As noted elsewhere, level 12 puts you into tier 2 scenarios and open RvR.  You cannot join tier 1 scenarios and more and you get turned into a chicken if you get flagged RvR in a tier 1 RvR area.  Thus no more scenarios for us.

We ended up taking a short break and swapping out some characters.

During the break I thought I saw a familiar name:

Order of the White Stuff?

Order of the White Stuff?

But when I asked, he said that he was not THE Kendricke.  I think the brevity of his response convinced me.

We formed up again with:

Chicken – Rank 9 Shadow Hunter
Denrohir – Rank 11 Archmage
Meclin – Rank 12 Ironbreaker
Varsoon – Rank 12 Warrior Priest
Stardoe – Rank 15 Warrior Priest

We then headed out to Troll Country to try some open RvR and to see if we could find an Order held keep.  While in tier 1 you get your renown gear from an vendor in the war camp, in tier 2 (and beyond I would guess) the renown gear vendors only spawn in keeps, so if your side does not hold one, you are out of luck for the time being.

We found a keep that was held by the side of Order, did our shopping, then went out hunting.  Being somewhat on the low end of things for tier 2, we moved carefully.  Here we are hiding behind a tree to avoid a Destruction war party.

Are they gone yet?

Are they gone yet?

Eventually we ended up in a sporadic battle between the Order and Destruction war camps.  Two mobs stood facing each other just out of range.  Every so often somebody would move forward to take a potshot, or a couple of people would try to flank the other side, then killing would ensue as both sides rushed in to help.

And then Destruction would start getting the short end of the stick, as they were out numbered, pull back, and we would go back to scowling at each other across 50 yards of open space.

The fights were frantic and bloody, but were happening right on a zone line, a zone line you might end up crossing ten times in a brawl, which made things very annoying as the game would chunk to a halt momentarily then resume.  A not-so-seamless-world.

As we fought, the Destruction side called in some help and in one of the battles we were suddenly hit on a flank by another group and were pushed back to our own war camp.

Then we got to have fun with cannons.

Some cannons at least.  Great Cannon are, well, great!  Get a Destruction player in your sights and fire!  Hellblasters are less fun, being fixed in range.  You really have to draw the bad guys pretty close to use those, though if you manage it, they are more deadly than the cannons.

A battle brewed up over the Monastery of Morr that was long and bloody and then suddenly, the Destruction forces packed up and found something else to do.

Which, I guess, demonstrates one of the wild cards of PvP: It takes two to tango.  If the other side goes home, the fun is over.

It was getting late for us anyway, so we took a group shot and called it a night.

after the battle

after the battle

So that was night one.

Scenarios were okay.  Frantic fun but always the same routine over and over.  And when you get into the stride of it, you may start to lose patience with people who do not get it.  And then there was the rather harsh “No, you cannot play scenarios together now!” when two of us hit 12.

Open RvR was better, more chaotic, more influenced by numbers, tactics, and changes in the ground being fought over.  But then the other side ran off to do something else and the fun tapered off pretty fast.

We did spend a little time doing one of the public quests in Troll Country, but the loot from the bags at the end of the round were so bad, if you had renown gear, that I think people who won mostly took the cash.  I certainly did.  We moved on pretty quickly from that.

Next week?  Well, we should all have a character firmly in tier 2 by then, so more action in that arena.  And we will work on that guild name thing.