Ad Experiment

Up until now I have not run any ads, sponsored links, or other revenue generating items on the site.

While I do pay a little on a yearly basis for extra storage space for pictures posted on the site, it has not been a burden and not worth putting up with the potential for gold seller ads or annoying any of my regular readers.

Recently though I received an email from an email from a company called about their scheme for paying sites for simple links.  The promised payout was modest, being based in some way on a site’s Google page rank, but the format was low key and, thus, quite acceptable in my mind.

So I signed up and, just this evening, received the first sponsor link for the site, which now appears at the top of the right hand side bar of the site.  It is for Find Your Art School, which has some connection with gaming through related programs in game design.  I’ll even give them an extra link in this post for being the first.

Ideally this will offset the yearly fee for my extra storage space on plus, perhaps, a monthly MMO subscription fee.

We will see in a month or so if I get paid anything or not.

You can be reasonably sure you’ll hear about it if I do not, but I’ll also give credit where credit is due if this all turns out to be legitimate.

Does this mean I can be bought?  I’m not sure that was ever in doubt, so I’ll just say yes, yes I can.   But it will take a bit more cash than they are offering to get me to write a single undeserved kind word about any product and or service.

13 thoughts on “Ad Experiment

  1. kename

    I think it’s something we’ve all thought about at one time or another. Do you take the plunge or not? Is it worth it? Will it cause more damage than good?

    Here’s hoping that it works well and that you keep us all updated on its progress.


  2. Dionysian


    Love the blog but you may want to look into this before doing it – I mentioned the blogroll site to a blogging friend of mine and he said that google punishes people for selling links. Basically that if you’re caught with paid links (not ads) then your pagerank takes a big hit.


  3. Van Hemlock

    Looks reasonable enough to me; unobtrusive, not about Warcraft Gold, no flash, popup or ugly banners. I even clicked through! Not particularly relevant to a UK player who can’t find the right end of a paintbrush, but it’s the thought that counts!


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Dionysian – I have to think there is more to it than selling links that Google might object to. After all, what else is web advertising than selling some sort of link?

    Perhaps it is people selling links/ads/whatever who are not using AdSense that take a hit? No, that would be evil, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, I’ll put the page rank tracker down at the bottom of the side bar. My page rank is currently five. If it takes a big hit, we’ll know what happened.


  5. Kate

    Thank you, John Mac for your support and kind comments about our company,
    I am glad that you are part of our network and by doing this you have provided a way for potential art/gaming viewers to your site to find our client and hopefully be able to continue their education.


  6. Joe

    Why would a gaming blog link to an ad for an art school? I don’t get it; just seems random to me.

    On the other hand, I didn’t even notice the ad until you mentioned it, so maybe the money coming in will offset the minor amount of clutter/confusion added.


  7. Snafzg

    Nice to see a fellow WAR blogger take the advert-plunge! :)

    Back when I was researching the issue and hosted on the WP subdomain, people weren’t allowed to run ads on the free-hosted version; they only allowed ads for VIPs ($500/month fee). Has this changed?

    I don’t want to kill your dream here! In fact, I hope it works out for you, but if its against the rules, you may be punished by WordPress (warned and then possibly banned). This is the only reason I switched from the free-hosted to the self-hosted WordPress platform over a year ago.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    We’ll see. This is, as I said, an experiment.

    I looked at what allowed and they have a specific list of services they forbid as well as some general behaviors, but this seems to be, at worst, a grey area.

    If my page rank drops and WordPress sends me nasty notes, I’ll let it go.


  9. Snafzg

    Well, I don’t think Google will punish you for running advertisements unless the people you advertise for practice black hat SEO (basically, evil gaming of the system). I think they do give you a bonus for running Google AdSense or participating in the AdWords program, which is a bit biased imho, but that’s business I guess.

    The only person I’d be worried about would be WordPress, but I doubt they’d give you any more than a warning at first, and given that they have so many hundreds of thousands of blogs, I’m sure it will slip under their radar anyway.


  10. Lynda

    Yes, Google is an evil company. Google punishes bloggers and small companies. It is more than selling links, it is that you are not doing it through them!
    I personally believe that we should stop using the Google page ranking system.
    Like Rosa Parks, we should say I am not giving up my seat and riding in the back of the bus.!


  11. Stefson

    I think you should keep in mind the following:
    Do the ads supplement the website? Do they hinder your readers?

    Granted I didn’t even notice it either, just classic ad blindness :p

    If you can find links that supplement your website you can actually get a decent amount of clicks. But it’s all a grey zone offcourse.
    Soon you’ll start writing thank-the-sponsor post and a weekly-sponsor-roundup post, and things go down the drain after that …

    I’m such a pessimist …


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