Daily Archives: October 8, 2008

BlizzCon on Pay Per View

I have not sold out completely.  Not yet.  Though Blizzard could afford me… and we could buy a nice house in Laguna Niguel for what we could currently sell our Silicon Valley shack….

But no, I am not here to pimp Blizzard, but to point out one of those signs that the genre… or at least one game in the genre… is going more and more mainstream in our culture.

BlizzCon will be available as a pay per view event on Direct TV this Friday and Saturday.  WoW is now up there with professional wrestling!  Here is the ad from Direct TV.

And, yes, BlizzCon is about all the Blizzard games, not just World of Warcraft.  But if you think this event is on pay per view for the 4, 7, or 9 year old games in Blizzard’s portfolio, think again.  World of Warcraft is the big draw.  The door prize is a polar bear mount in WoW.

Still, as I read it, there will be panels on StarCraft 2 and Diablo III as part of the two days, so I am tempted, being a Direct TV customer, to sign up.

While it is sixteen hours of broadcast time, if I could get our Tivo to stop recording SpongeBob, Oprah, Winx Club, and The View for a day or so, I could record the whole thing and skim through it at me leisure.

I just wish there was some more detail on which panels they will be broadcasting.  The $40 price tag isn’t that steep, but it would be easier to swallow if I knew there was something in the line up that I just had to see.