The Search for EverQuest Blogs

It has become clear over the last few years that my ventures into pre-cataclysm Norrath, into EverQuest, are likely to be doomed to fitful bouts of nostalgia as opposed to any serious venture into the game.  Barring an unlikely burst of interest in old Norrath by our regular Saturday night group, there just isn’t enough time in the week to focus on EQ with any seriousness and also stick with the team.

Still, I am interested in the game.  I like to keep up with the changes and read about people’s experiences.

So when I read Tipa’s post on her EverQuest blog, West Karana, about her seeking player blogs about EverQuest, I thought there must be a few out there.

After all, EverQuest still has a substantial player base.  In that regard it still exceeds, by a fair margin, the expectations Sony had for the game when it was released nine and a half years ago.

But in looking for actual EverQuest player blogs that are current and regularly updated, I have come up empty handed.

So I will reiterate Tipa’s question:  Do you play EverQuest and also blog about it?

Where are all the cool EverQuest blogs hiding?

5 thoughts on “The Search for EverQuest Blogs

  1. Tipa

    Just amazes me that there can be so many people playing and so few blogging :P

    *MY* guess is that they are out there, but just drowned in the flood of articles from commercial sites, whose constant flood of keyword-saturated me too content masks the stories of actual players, whose EQ adventures are mixed in with everything else they do. Unless you really take the time to tune your blog to a specific set of subjects, your page rank for that subject is low and nobody will find you.

    So I KNOW these people are out there, just… can’t find them. Like, Zonk is a famous and well-respected MMO journalist who has considered opinions about a lot of interesting stuff.

    Try and find an article on MMOGNation without using something that would specifically identify his site or a specific article. It’s impossible. So someone using Google to look for MMO opinion would have almost zero chance of happening on an excellent source of same.

    This is the uselessness of Google to find useful information. Everyone is so adept at gaming Google that only those who game it best get found.

    My strategy is to talk about lesser known titles — which DOES get the search results. Scoff if you like, but writing about Wizard 101 brings in a TON of people because I’m one of the few that does. And some of them stick around. Average person who comes for a W101 article ends up sticking around between 15 and 20 MINUTES. Which is phenomenal.

    Anyway. EQ bloggers. Need more.


  2. kaozz77

    I have yet to see any myself, the closest I have ever seen is West Karana. I actually googled ‘Everquest blogs’ and came up with your site in the list. I have been to it before so I decided to click on it.

    My blog touches base on many MMORPGs and while Everquest is mentioned quite often I have yet to really blog about it much. I still want to do a nostalgic entry about it one of these days, you may have just nudged me to do so ;)

    And while I am not currently playing I still do play. It seems to go in cycles. I keep tabs on whats going on in the land of Norrath. My sites name just HAD to be something from EQ that held memories, being the first MMORPG I played :D What better place to meet up with other adventurers than the EC Tunnel?

    Back to the topic, I’d love to see a real EQ blog that isn’t from years ago, it seems all I have found recently though.


  3. Dan

    Everquest is growing again, so maybe the blogs will increase too.
    I am looking for them too.

    -Danarth Dagger, 10 year EQ vet


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