Daily Archives: October 17, 2008

My Lucky Belt

I like when conventional wisdom works in my favor.

Just last night there was a discussion on channel about kernite locations.  We were ticking off systems that seemed to be mined out when the system I was in was mentioned.  I was there and staring at some kernite.

Not a lot, mind you, but enough to be worth the trip out to harvest it.

The rest of the system was probably mined out, but here in my “lucky” belt, there was some kernite to be had.  And at the going rate of 250-400 ISK per unit, you don’t need a lot to make it worth your time.

And where is my “lucky” belt?

My “lucky” belt exists in any system with lots of asteroid belt.  It is always the first belt on the list.

Conventional wisdom seems to dictate that everybody will go down the list from top to bottom, so people just skip past that first belt.

I, on the other hand, always go to that belt first, and I am usually rewarded for my effort.

Of course, now that I have posted this, a few people will now probably start checking that first belt.

I might have to find a new “lucky” belt.

This is a problem you never have with ice mining.  I have never seen an ice belt not brimming with ice.