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BlizzCon on Direct TV – Round 2

If you missed out on the BlizzCon weekend, Direct TV is running an encore presentation of the 16 hours of BlizzCon this Thursday, October 23rd.  It starts at 8 am Pacific time and runs straight through in one giant blob of Blizz-o-centric programming.  Read about it here.

And, yes, you still get the polar bear mount if you purchase the encore package.

Getting Level 69 on Candy

As I mentioned last week, I have been back in World of Warcraft a bit to play my hunter and to look at some of the new stuff that has shown up with the big pre-Lich King 3.0.2 patch.

This past weekend Hallow’s End, the WoW Halloween celebration began as well.  I actually knew that in advance thanks to the new calendar in WoW.

While I was out with my hunter, I saw a pumpkin at the Inn with a big exclamation point over it, that universal “I have a quest for you” sign in WoW.  I had looked through the achievements and knew that there was one for Hallow’s End that required you to visit all of the Inns on a given continent and click on these pumpkins.  So, while I wasn’t sure I wanted to devote the time, I figured I might as well click on it while I was there.

Sure enough, I got an update for the achievement.  That was one Inn off the list.

I also got some pretty good candy that give decent stat boosts and which stacks up to 4 times.  The downside is that they only last for 24 hours, so you have to use them soon.

And then there was also a 6,000 experience point reward.

At level 68, 6,000 experience points isn’t so bad.  In fact, that is about half the reward from your average quest.

Given that the three achievement quests had a total of 44 inns listed, that would give me a grand total of 264,000 experience if I just ran along and visited them all.  That is about one third of a level of experience at 68.  Since I had a bit less of that left to go before level 69, I decided to hit the flight points and start visiting Inns.

Fortunately by level 68 I had managed to get most of the flight points.  In doing the Outland segment of the run, I was only two flight points short, and neither was much of a run from points I had already visited.

Then it was on to the Eastern Kingdoms, where I had all the flight points I needed already.  You do have to visit two inns that are somewhat remote from flight points, the ones in Goldshire and Kharanos, which are the inns on the way from the starting areas to Stormwind and Ironforge respectively.  While there I also knocked off two of the Hallow’s End quests, each of which gave 12,000 experience.

Then it was off to Kalimdor for the final leg. Not too many Inn visits into that, I hit the mark, level 69.

Awash in Candy!

Awash in Candy!

Along with a level I also ended up with about 140 pieces of candy, 3 flimsy masks, the random Hallowed Wand, and the Rickety Magic Broom which eluded me last year.

It seemed cool when other people had them

It seemed cool when other people had them

I continued on a bit, having a few more Inns within short flight range, and found that with my level, the experience output scaled up to 6,150 experience points per inn.  The experience scales from level 1 (where you get 40 experience) to level 69.

Finally though, after a bit of riding to points I had not visited in the past, like the Dranei starting area, Silithius, and Mudsprocket, I finished up my trick or treat achievements.

Trick or Treat Junkie

Trick or Treat Junkie

Hallow’s End seems to be quite popular.  Everywhere I went I saw people doing the trick or treat run, and the areas where Hallow’s End events were happening were quite crowded.  In fact, there was even a queue to get on the server at one point, something I had not seen since Burning Crusade came out.

After finishing up with Tistann, I wondered what somebody at level 70 might get, so I logged on as Vikund.   You get 3 gold, 75 silver for each Inn, which adds up to 165 gold for doing all three achievements.  Not too bad.  I’ve done more annoying quests for much less.

And so I am now poised to have two level 70 characters.  Since my next highest level character is only 42, I don’t think I’ll have more than that before Lich King comes out.