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Still Blogging? Stop it!

Blogging is, apparently, so very 2004.  Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter are where you want to be.

Or so says Paul Boutin this week over at Wired.

And while he has some reasonable points, I think his motivation to blog and mine are a bit different.

(Spotted originally on Merle Kessler’s blog, which does not get the attention or the Google page ranking it deserves.)

Tycoon At Last!

As mentioned previously, a freighter is in my future.

There are, however, prerequisites.

Building up my ISK reserves was the first item on that list.  I have been working dilligently on that and will continue.  The point of the freighter is to enhance that.

Then, of course, there were the skills required: Advanced Spaceship Command and Caldari Freighter.  I have yet to purchase those, but it shouldn’t be too long now.

And then there was one more skill to increase the number of buy and sell orders I can have open at a time.  The skill called Tycoon.

Without Tycoon I am limited to 145 open orders.

That seems like a lot of orders, but buying and selling in a few different quest hubs eats up order slots pretty quickly.  I have been operating with only a few free slots for a while now.

Each level of Tycoon I train will give me another 32 slots.

Finally, last weekend, I hit the limit.  I had juggled, merged, and cancelled orders so that everything I had left was productive and viable.  There was nothing I felt I could cancel.  Time to go buy the skill Tycoon.

The reason I put off buying the skill was the price: 90,000,000 ISK.

I believe that to be the most expensive skill I have purchased so far.

But I needed it.  I took the plunge.  90 million ISK left my account.

I flew off to pick up the skill.

Once at the station, I immediately went to train it and got that seeming ever present message in EVE Online: I was missing a prerequisite.

While I had trained Wholesale up to V, I forgot to train Marketing to IV.

Two more days of training.

Finally, yesterday I was able to train up Tycoon.  And it quite a high ranked skill.  Just training the first level ran 51 minutes.  I don’t recall another level 1 skill that took more than 30 minutes.  I trained it to level II, so now I have 209 slots open for buying and selling with another 96 available, should I want to train the skill to level V.  Level V is only 36 days away, with 30 days of it being V itself.

But for now I have other skills to train.

Star Wars: This Time With Feeling!

So, yes, the much anticipated Knights of the Old Republic Online has been announce, though the name will actually be:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fears that it would be a spin-off of the Clone Wars animated series have proven false.

And, to paraphrase an episode of the Flintstone’s, “What’s their angle?”

From the FAQ:

How does Star Wars: The Old Republic differ from other MMO titles?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be similar to other MMOs but with several key innovations. Traditionally MMOs are built on three pillars; Exploration, Combat, and Progression. We at BioWare and LucasArts believe there is a fourth pillar: Story. Our mission is to create the best story-driven games in the world. We believe that the compelling, interactive storylines in Star Wars: The Old Republic are a significant innovation to MMOs and will offer an entertainment experience unlike any other.

Raph, how could you have missed that angle the first time around, Jedi-poet-designer that you are?

Certainly BioWare is good with story.

LucasArts… well, it isn’t like they personally directed Star Wars episodes I-III.

(And, as an aside, those of you who decry the betrayal that was episodes I-III, how can you sleep at night giving episode VI a pass?  Episodes I-III don’t grate on me because I’ve felt betrayed for 25 years by Star Wars: The Muppet Movie.  Jar-Jar and midi-chlorians were nothing when I knew the Ewok army was going to defeat the Empire in the end.)

So, interesting times are coming.  When they are coming… well, no release date has been announced.

But we have a title now!