Star Wars: This Time With Feeling!

So, yes, the much anticipated Knights of the Old Republic Online has been announce, though the name will actually be:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fears that it would be a spin-off of the Clone Wars animated series have proven false.

And, to paraphrase an episode of the Flintstone’s, “What’s their angle?”

From the FAQ:

How does Star Wars: The Old Republic differ from other MMO titles?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be similar to other MMOs but with several key innovations. Traditionally MMOs are built on three pillars; Exploration, Combat, and Progression. We at BioWare and LucasArts believe there is a fourth pillar: Story. Our mission is to create the best story-driven games in the world. We believe that the compelling, interactive storylines in Star Wars: The Old Republic are a significant innovation to MMOs and will offer an entertainment experience unlike any other.

Raph, how could you have missed that angle the first time around, Jedi-poet-designer that you are?

Certainly BioWare is good with story.

LucasArts… well, it isn’t like they personally directed Star Wars episodes I-III.

(And, as an aside, those of you who decry the betrayal that was episodes I-III, how can you sleep at night giving episode VI a pass?  Episodes I-III don’t grate on me because I’ve felt betrayed for 25 years by Star Wars: The Muppet Movie.  Jar-Jar and midi-chlorians were nothing when I knew the Ewok army was going to defeat the Empire in the end.)

So, interesting times are coming.  When they are coming… well, no release date has been announced.

But we have a title now!

8 thoughts on “Star Wars: This Time With Feeling!

  1. Eric

    Eeks the graphics are cartoony O.o. I know it’s alpha state, but I assume they wouldn’t release those graphics if it’s not the real thing.

    Are they trying to tie in with the Star Wars cartoon thing like the last movie ?


  2. Yeebo

    Ep VI was not up to the standards of IV and V to be sure. However it was a Shakespearean masterpiece compared to I-III in my mind. Great visuals, and plots so stupid they make LBJ cry. Yes, Ewoks dfeating storm troopers was dumb. But that’s one plot arc. When something that isn’t unbelievably stupid happens in I-III, it’s jarring by it’s rarity.


  3. Openedge1

    I wonder if this game will also have an “end”?
    Like Guild Wars maybe?

    This is becoming my major gripe about the MMO genre..

    The story is left behind, and the need to keep people paying each month causes a drain on excitement.

    Grind, Grind…

    No reasoning for what you do.

    Age of Conan is a prime example. They had people enamored with Tortage.
    Then of course the need to create never ending content created the “After Tortage” effect.
    AoC goes on for 40 levels too much, and the great story is lost.

    LOTRO has a great story also, but is hidden behind a forced grouping system to end any stories chapter, and of course, all the grind of boars and bears in between the refreshing moments.

    But, can Bioware do it any different?

    Mind you this is total alpha stage screens…to think the game will look like this after they are done is inconceivable.
    Look at how each game progressed visuals for Bioware…
    KOTOR, Jade Empire, then Mass Effect?
    Nope, this is just test shots for sure…

    No worries.


  4. syncaine

    It’s early, but if ‘story’ is a major talking point, does that worry anyone? It’s not like this is the first MMO to announce ‘we will have a great story’, while the list of MMOs to actually deliver that is a bit shorter (a list of zero perhaps)

    Might just be preemptive worry, but I found it odd.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    That’s exactly why I highlighted it. It seemed to me to be a rather like the declaration “Plastics!” in ‘The Graduate.’ Not exactly a blinding revelation that would have escaped the likes of Raph Koster when doing SWG.

    Still, it is BioWare. They actually hire writers. They are big on story. It could happen.

    I hope they are pushing the envelope on more than story though. But since they have licensed the Hero Engine for their platform, I am not sure how constrained by the current MMO norms they will be.


  6. Inhibitor

    Well, keep in mind that “story” is what Bioware is known for, so I would expect it to be a major talking point…just as it would be for a single-player game from them.

    Let’s face it…if Bioware can’t bring “story” to a new level in an MMO, I’m not sure there’s any studio that can.


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