Tycoon At Last!

As mentioned previously, a freighter is in my future.

There are, however, prerequisites.

Building up my ISK reserves was the first item on that list.  I have been working dilligently on that and will continue.  The point of the freighter is to enhance that.

Then, of course, there were the skills required: Advanced Spaceship Command and Caldari Freighter.  I have yet to purchase those, but it shouldn’t be too long now.

And then there was one more skill to increase the number of buy and sell orders I can have open at a time.  The skill called Tycoon.

Without Tycoon I am limited to 145 open orders.

That seems like a lot of orders, but buying and selling in a few different quest hubs eats up order slots pretty quickly.  I have been operating with only a few free slots for a while now.

Each level of Tycoon I train will give me another 32 slots.

Finally, last weekend, I hit the limit.  I had juggled, merged, and cancelled orders so that everything I had left was productive and viable.  There was nothing I felt I could cancel.  Time to go buy the skill Tycoon.

The reason I put off buying the skill was the price: 90,000,000 ISK.

I believe that to be the most expensive skill I have purchased so far.

But I needed it.  I took the plunge.  90 million ISK left my account.

I flew off to pick up the skill.

Once at the station, I immediately went to train it and got that seeming ever present message in EVE Online: I was missing a prerequisite.

While I had trained Wholesale up to V, I forgot to train Marketing to IV.

Two more days of training.

Finally, yesterday I was able to train up Tycoon.  And it quite a high ranked skill.  Just training the first level ran 51 minutes.  I don’t recall another level 1 skill that took more than 30 minutes.  I trained it to level II, so now I have 209 slots open for buying and selling with another 96 available, should I want to train the skill to level V.  Level V is only 36 days away, with 30 days of it being V itself.

But for now I have other skills to train.

7 thoughts on “Tycoon At Last!

  1. misc


    I obviously need to train my market opportunity awareness skills up.

    How the hell do you fill over 200 market orders?


  2. Shirrath

    One word: Diversification.
    Sure, you can fill a freighter with just one type of product and make do with a single market order, but that makes your revenue too dependent on that one product. If it sells, great. If it doesn’t.. you get no revenue. Dealing with 200+ different types of goods ensures that money is always flowing, which allows you to seize new market opportunities more rapidly.


  3. nerrollus

    Cool, way to go!

    At least it wasn’t Marketing V and was a 30 day training skill. lol ;) Be sure to post some screen shots when you get your freighter!


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “How the hell do you fill over 200 market orders?”

    Part of that is that I hate doing region-wide buy orders. I have four 3-jump diameter areas where I do most of my buying. While they are in three different regions, I still end up with more buy orders than I might otherwise.

    Otherwise, lots of buy orders to build up stock, sell orders to move that stock at a couple of mission hubs I favor, a few sell orders to move the bigger things I produce, and then a set of misc. sell orders to move things that pile up after missions that are either high value or high quantity so I hate to just reprocess them.

    Right now I am floating at around 160 orders open.

    @Shirrath – I am working on diversification. That is a good suggestion. I am a bit too heavily invested in missiles at the moment.


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