Darkfall – Athens Event Video

Last week Aventurine held a press event in Athens (Greece, not Georgia, in case you’re a B-52s fan) to promote their “coming in 2008” MMORPG, Darkfall, about which I have posted previously. (In case you need a refresher course.)

The team at the fan site Darkfall World has put up a video taken at the event that includes a live demo of some of the game play mechanics.

The video certainly shows better graphics than the highly compressed game play videos that Aventurine posted back in August.

You can find the video taken at the event, plus a video of local news coverage (sub-titled) here.

The news coverage clip, in the typical main-stream media fashion, needed to find a link to the game we could all understand, so declared it “based on The Lord of the Rings.”

The target release for the game is still 2008.

4 thoughts on “Darkfall – Athens Event Video

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, as of early this month, according to the official site, no end user testing was yet in progress, if I read it right.

    I also wonder if Turbine, the maker of an MMO actually based on the Lord of the Rings, has a sub-department of Media-idiot relations that reminds people that a game where somebody is swinging a sword is not necessarily based on the works of Tolkien.


  2. LurbyJo

    I’ve been waiting to see what happens with this game. I won’t lie: I was pretty scared it was vaporware. But yay! Even if they’re lumping it in with LOTRO, I’m excited! :)


  3. Thallian

    Yeah, maybe turbine should police them and beat them with clubs when they say silly stuff, or perhaps the Tolkein Estate, but whatever. They are trying to say that to explain it to non-video game fans I think.


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