SWTOR – Let the Hubris Commence

The Register reports that LucasArts is targeting 11 million subscribers for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I wonder what prompted them to pick that number?  Could it be World of Warcraft?

As John Smedley said some time back, it is Star Wars, it should be huge.  Of course, he was talking about the failure of Star Wars Galaxies to become a market leader.

EA and BioWare: They aren’t aiming low.

9 thoughts on “SWTOR – Let the Hubris Commence

  1. TheRemedy

    Shouldn’t the goal be to compete with blizzard though? I can’t really see how a company could call their mmo a success if they don’t achieve at least half blizzard’s numbers.


  2. Aaron

    Many early WoW players were old Blizzard fans from Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft… the last of which probably opened up Asia to them single-handedly. I wonder if Bioware can count on their company fans as much.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    To me, and it might just be me, “Story” does not seem to be the secret ingredient to 11 million paying players.

    It may be the key to getting a loyal, hard core following. It may be the key to keeping role players interested and subscribing to the game just to hang out.

    But in the quest for big, big numbers, the options that have worked so far seem to be:

    1) Make it free – Lots of people play RuneQuest

    2) Make it accessible – which many will ready as “make it easy” or “dumb it down”

    Story? Well, I won’t count it out because BioWare is good, but color me skeptical if that is their trump card.


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