Toril MUD – Bad Signs in Past Times

Why you wanted an easy to spell name

In the middle of a hairy battle, with area spells flying, I see this:

Dala says ‘Full Healing —-> zoube’

Of course there was nobody in the party named “zoube.”  My name was Zouve.

Heh, guess no heal coming to me!

After the battle I pasted that back to the group.

Selzan group-says ‘I saw a full heal for zelzan too!’

Scouting Ahead

The group leader would sometimes go ahead to scout areas where mobs roamed.  You’d all sit down, so as not to get dragged along and off he’d go.

Skuldar stops following Mikar.
Thayer stops following Mikar.
Catlin stops following Mikar.
Tzat stops following Mikar.
Xaril stops following Mikar.
Ghak stops following Mikar.
Jansha stops following Mikar.
Riknor stops following Mikar.
You stop following Mikar.
Lesharn stops following Mikar.
Golo stops following Mikar.
Kymin stops following Mikar.
Khazid stops following Mikar.
Altheria stops following Mikar.
Tellen stops following Mikar.
Arrithes stops following Mikar.

That meant he found something… and it killed him.  Time to recover his corpse.

Zone Shouts

Of course, some times group members would wander off in the worst places… like the astral plane.

Juiblex shouts ‘You will pay for attacking me mortal worms!  Denizens of Darkness, Come and Feast upon Thanti!

That always meant trouble.  And, of course, a corpse recovery.

6 thoughts on “Toril MUD – Bad Signs in Past Times

  1. Chandigar

    A black door opens next to you and disappears without a sound.
    (or something like that, meant an invisible angry mob just teleported to you)

    Moritheil tells you, ‘need a group?’
    (means many deaths and CR’s late into the night)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Any combination of Moritheil and “fire plane” meant sure death. The second longest City of Brass run I was ever on spent nearly two hours just getting through the plane of fire.


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