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EVE Blog Pack Profile: Morphisat

A new EVE Blog Pack profile for this week.  In a change, three profiles are being posted this week.  A profile here, a profile of Dee Carson over at Crazy Kinux’s, and a profile of Mynxee at the EVE News Network site.

Handle: Morphisat

Blog site: Morphisat’s Blog

Faction: Caldari, though my alt is Amarr. Can fly just about every ship between the two, except for capital ships.

When did you start playing EVE: Late 2005, think november 2005 to be exact. I remember trying the game earlier,like in early 2004 ? I didn’t get it all, and tossed it out after about 15mins O_o.

What brought you to EVE: I got into MMORPGs through wow early 2005, and got a bit bored of that. Then moved to SWG, which was fun, but in november 2005 the NGE hit and I was looking for another game, which led me to Eve :).

What is your EVE play style: I regularly run mission, and do a bit of exploration from time to time. And I do industrial stuff, mainly inventing modules. I am planning on trying out t2 ships production, though i still have to do some calculations to see if it’s worth it ;). I mine very occasionally, especially trit to buy a few BSs. The rest of the minerals i get through buy orders at mission hubs. I covered pvp with a Factional Warfare alt, but he is retired at the moment.

What keeps you playing EVE: Eve is always evolving. The game changes, the market changes. And even when I get bored / tired of the game, you keep training. And always the EveBug comes back. And then your character is better at some things and has learned a few tricks you didn’t have before making the game fresh again ;). Also some the fine people of Rakeriku (the corp I have been in almost since the start) are a lot of fun to hang out with (when they’re on).

What do you write about EVE: Links to other stuff, tips on keeping the game fresh and just stuff that happens in game. Also news on patches etc and my take on them.

What do you want people to know about EVE: Eve really is a ‘virtual world’. Your character is living in this world and trying to make a living. You have to set goals for yourself and go out and find some fun people to hang out with (the corp recruitement part of the eve-o forum helps with that). Set short and long term goals for yourself, or you’ll miss some focus, but don’t set them in stone ! Be a bit flexible with them as you might come across a part of the game you didn’t even know about ;).

Also try things out. Don’t be too afraid to train for something that doesn’t fit your goals. My char is a bit of a jack of all trades and that opens up a lot of ways to explore different parts of the game!

And 1st of all, be patient! Eve isn’t exactly an instant gratification game.