Dartan’s Portable Hole

Every game has its 1337 players, the people who have to have the best gear, slay the biggest mobs, or say they have been everywhere.  In TorilMUD, Dartan was one of those people.

One day I was standing at the Turning Point, one of those locations where people would meet.  It is a spot just outside of Waterdeep and was a common place to hook up with people who were outcast from the city.

Dartan walked in and stood there for a minute, then asked if I could do him a favor.  He wanted me to hold his bag for him while he logged on another character, then hand his bag to that character.

I’m not sure why he asked me.  We were not pals or anything.  I would well him places if he asked, but I did that for almost anybody.  I’d certainly never grouped with him.  I wasn’t in that league.

Still, there was nobody about and I think I had a general “nice guy” reputation.  I wasn’t likely to take his bag and run away. (I’m sure the gods would have made me give it back if I had.)

Naturally, Dartan didn’t just have a bag.  He had a portable hole.  The only one in the game, at least at that time.  You had to be part of a group that slayed Tiamat and then you had to win the roll for it.  Like most of his equipment, there was nothing better to be had.

Dartan carefully closed his portable hole before he handed it to me, then camped to go get his other character.

Of course, as soon as he disappeared, I opened it, looked inside, and closed it again.

Talk about a pack rat!

Of course, I would be too if I had a portable hole!  I kick myself for not doing “exam hole” so as to get a reading on how much it could hold.

So what does one keep in a portable hole?  Click below to see.

< > A portable hole (carried) :
the Badge of the Knights of Volheru (illuminating)
the wings of the griffon
a belt encrusted with black sapphires
[2] a green marble bracer of defense
a softly throbbing sphere of nature (glowing) (illuminating)
a pair of protective eyelets
an eye of the hive mother
[2] an ancient eyeball earring
[2] a ring of eldritch fire
an amulet of sight
a suit of glossy enameled serpent armor
the scaled helm of the dragonkind (glowing)
a pair of boots embroidered with a falcon
a pair of taut ogrehide gloves
the arch-magi staff of radiant energies (glowing)
an odd book
an old, unused key
a small black key
[2] a black shiny key
a cell key
a heavy iron key
a crystal tankard carved from solid ice
a softly throbbing piece of flesh
the starseed nebula
a small wooden totem
the heartstone of Sakaslan (illuminating)
the ceremonial robes of the Dragon Cult
[2] a necklace of pit worm scales (glowing)
[2] a cuendillar, heartstone of magic (illuminating)
[2] an adamantium neckguard
a broken arrow
a black-shafted elven arrow
the gauntlets of power
an orb of thought
a sapphire orb enshrouded in glowing mist
an elemental orb of power
an amethyst orb enshrouded in glowing mist
an orb of elemental earth
an onyx orb
a suit of starsilver plate
starsilver chainmail sleeves
a set of basilisk scale leggings
[3] a heavy suit of platemail
[2] a full suit of platemail
a pile of white dragonscales
a long cloak of black scales
[2] a pile of remorhaz scales
a dragonscale eyepatch blazing in hellfire
[2] a dangling batskull earring
[2] an opal earring
[2] a sparkling fire opal
a golden serpent
a tower shield of obsidian crystal (glowing)
a demon-hide spellbook embossed with skull runes
[2] a ring of the giantkind
a long burnished ringmail tunic
a silvery sack
a raven feather eyepatch
a glowing red skull eyepatch
a decorated leather eyepatch
a crescent shaped silken eyepatch
a bloody elfskin eyepatch
a token of allegiance to Thrym
a slave collar (illuminating)
a small spider amulet of Lloth
some voluminous dark robes
a dagger of oblivion
a buckskin pack
[2] a pitch-black bracelet
a heavy black crown
a shiny crimson ring (invis)
[3] a pair of armored sleeves
[3] a pair of armored leggings
a purple robe covered with writhing black runes
[2] a purple earthstone ring
a purple silk shawl
a small silver chest
a robe of seaweed
a long brown robe
a tuft of sloth fur
[2] a tuft of pegasus fur
a thornwood staff
a tiny earring of congealed blood
[2] a scorpion earring
[2] a silver harp earring
a tiny ruby ring
a steaming ring of black ice
a studded diamond ring
the Sultan’s ring
a hematite signet ring (invis)
a glowing crystal ring
a ring of earth etched with runes
a yellow ring of chrysoberyl
brown leather boots
[3] a pair of leather cormyrian boots
some boots of water-walking
some boots of white buffalo fur
[4] a circular djinn shield
an obsidian shard
a shard of a githyanki longsword
[2] a deep green dragon scale
a pair of scalemail leggings
a fine suit of remorhaz scale armor
a small black dragon scale
a map of the Faerie Realm
[5] a curved dagger
a deep green silk cloak
a strange vial of blood
[5] a shattered rib
leather sleeves studded with rusty iron spikes
leather sleeves studded with silver and bronze
some sleeves of dancing fire (illuminating)
vermillion chainmail sleeves
a suit of umber hulk armor
a sparkling diadem
a shiny black belt
a black and white scroll
a suit of transparent leather armor (invis)
naga-hide leggings
a beautifully tanned section of ormyrr hide
a large section of ormyrr hide
the claws of Malar
a silvery periapt
a tribal mask
[2] a crystal band etched with diamonds
a pair of grey gnollskin moccasins (illuminating)
a silvery piccolo
a pair of elegant gauntlets embeded with diamonds
a spiked and studded cloak of strange leather
the paradox cloak
a charred cloak covered with runic skulls
a blackened-green bodycloak of scales
a green cloak of leaves
[4] a root vial filled with bubbling purple liquid
a purple runestick
[3] a small bottle filled with purple powder
[8] a small silver key
veil of an elven banshee
a bulky sandgiant veil
the bone plates of a rampager
a straightback dirk
[2] a necklet of white gold
a small collection of writings
some provocative black fishnet leggings
some leggings of the depths
a pair of oily merman skin leggings
a pair of studded black dragonhide leggings
[2] a rosewood carving
[3] a barbed arrow
a neogi claw
[2] Juiblex’s twisted staff of the horde
[2] an ivory staff with emblazoned red runes
a glass staff
the Staff of the Necromancer
a cape of entrapment
a forest green cape
an ornate compass
a length of fine black chain
an old scrap of parchment
[4] a scrap of parchment
[2] a piece of parchment
[3] a crumpled shred of parchment
a diary entry
[2] a piece of parchment
a suit of antiquated elven plate mail
a golden scarab
[2] a map of Icecrag Castle
a mostly ruined book
a tome of writhing runes (illuminating)
a book
a spellbook
[3] a mostly ruined book
a broken canteen
the cuisse of spiders
a simple silver harp
a plush woven wool rug
a suit of twilight plate mail
a mud covered locket
[2] a shredded body with its arms torn off
[4] a bone cudgel inlaid with shards
a glowing brain medallion
a pair of pitch-black gloves
a globe of elemental fire
a wicked looking morningstar
a sandalwood figurine
a small figurine of a monk
a suit of glimmering chainmail
[393] some iron rations
[4] a Christmas cookie
a sapphire
[2] a dark sun medallion
[5] the medallion of the hive king
the horns of the sandstorm beast
a ghostly scarf
a candy apple
[2] a piece of parchment
[7] a small barrel
a drow longbow
[2] a map of the Bloodstone Barony
the map of the Alterian Region
[3] a map of Calimport
a jeweled golden crown
a golden egg
[24] a silver tipped bolt
[3] an enormous, godly jack o’ lantern (illuminating)
a wide brimmed chain banded hat
[7] the smooth scales of an air drake
[140] Tweed’s Effervescent Elixir of Elimination
[2] an onion
a puffin spore mushroom
[5] an eel skin
[2] a crinkled scroll
[2] a yellowed scroll
[2] an old scroll
a venom sac
[7] the pebbly scales of a fire drake
[5] a bowl of vegetable soup
[3] a small wooden raft
an azure potion
a ticket for the Sea Sprite or the Barracuda
[42] a potion of armor
a metallic gray potion
[16] a rolled scroll
[3] a magical torch (illuminating)
[61] a breadfish
[190] a midnight black flask
[8] an onyx potion
[9] a small acorn
[3] the tusks of the sandstorm beast
[2] a colorful spinning top
[21] an opaque white potion
a ticket for the Wave Dancer
[260] a magic candle (illuminating)
[105] a slowly bubbling liquid
[3] a thin glass cylinder
a declaration of war
a small figurine of a warrior
[3] a smokey vial
[2] a batch of anemone spores
[8] the knobbly scales of an earth drake
[8] the waxy scales of a water drake
[16] a pickled human spleen
a beautiful faded flower dress
[2] a leaping flame tattoo
the blessed claws of Malar
a sandlion cub
[3] a silver chain with ribbed links (illuminating)
a magical chalice
a delicious grate of shining honey
a mystery-flavored Dumm-Dumm lollipop
a tattered and torn pillow
some pitch-black spiked leg plates
an eelskin quiver
a tattered and scorched collection of rags
a fiery-orange sash
[3] a wicked-looking black stiletto
[6] a clover-shaped brooch
[2] a lump of mithril ore
a small bar of mithril
a cube of mithril
[4] a vulture feather
a pair of copper rimmed glasses
[2] a rounded obsidian disc on a leather thong
a fingerbone earring
a feathered gold earring
[6] a thick leather scabbard
a kilt
[4] a faintly glowing ball of fungus (illuminating)
a wet towel
a long coil of climbing rope
a cluster of grapes
camel crap
[13] a dusty glass ampoule
a parchment scroll
[2] a partially eaten a goodberry
[2] a staff of sleep
a hardwood staff (invis)
a hardwood staff
a skull-headed staff
[3] a withered old staff
[3] a dark scroll
a quill
a mostly ruined book
[2] a partially ruined book
[2] a mostly ruined book
an ebony wand
a strange pink scroll
[4] a sandy potion
a shroud of ethereal winds
a Y shaped stick
[3] a rod of black metal
[2] a luminous silvery potion
a small slimy vial of purple liquid
[2] a tiny faerie dragon scale vial
a vial of paralyzation poison
[4] a murky vial of liquid
a vial of hemlock
[9] a magical blue-shafted war arrow
an assassin’s hood
a book (glowing)
the book of Amberyl
a glowing green gem
the phylactery of an archlich (invis)
[75] a vellum scroll
a pair of golden spectacles
a storm bracelet
a pendant of the one-eyed god
[2] an official seal of the Red Tiger Tribe
[2] a dark green wand
[2] some green dragon scales
[2] a sparkling green gem
a bright green pillow
a vial of greasy green liquid
a suit of green leather armor
[2] a troll’s hide
[2] a chunk of sky-metal
a glob of glowing ooze
a small golden medallion
a sealed diplomatic letter
a thri-kreen carapace
a couple strips of tanned rawhide
[2] a shard of broken glass
[2] a delicious BBQ sandwich
[14] a thin sliver of adamantite
[2] a heavy catapult boulder
[2] an ancient leather scroll
[2] a proclamation of 27 Ches
an amulet inscribed with dwarven runes
[4] a massive black double-bladed axe
a silvery war axe
a partially eaten a strip of rothe jerky
[2] a strip of rothe jerky
an elven coin
an exquisite moonstone
[5] a clear, bubbling potion
a whirling beaker of ephervescence
a potion of steam
a jagged lightning sword
[4] a gleaming falchion
a jagged obsidian dagger
the dagger of an unseelie sprite
[3] a wooden club
[2] a shining mithril broadsword
a PoPcOrN ball
a shard of white crystal
a very large ruby
[3] some mysteriously glowing lockpicks
an orcish symbol of fertility
a delicate mandolin
[2] a gold charm bracelet
a cloak of shifting colors
a cat of nine tails
a barbed whip
a small oaken drum wrapped with dragonhide (glowing)
a skeleton finger hanging from a silver chain (invis)
[3] a pile of ancient green dragon scales
[2] a glowing green ring
[2] a small leather bag
a stomach-bag
[2] an emerald earring
a red mushroom
[2] a red and yellow silk sash
[2] a blood red potion in a long vial
a red eyestalk
a belt of steel fangs
a red crystal earring
a runed staff
a slimy green staff
a pitch-black bodycloak
[2] a pair of fur lined steel bracers
the enchanted dread gythka of the thri-kreen
a staff of earth
a fish bone earring
fur of a mutant beast
feathers of a mutant beast
an elixir of protection
[2] a small velvet-lined box
a pair of runed balorskin gloves
a grand suit of the ancients
a scrap of soiled paper
a map of Hyssk
an incomplete scrap of music
a jewel encrusted dagger
a black devil’s horn
a brass bugle
a dark flowing red robe
a robe of black and white velvet
a robe of the arch-magi
a circlet of twisted redgold
scales of a mutant beast
a tiny wooden harp (illuminating)
rusty scalemail vestments
a cruel cat o’ nine tails
an iron poker
a white clay amphora (invis)
a crystal skull
A brain mole pelt
[4] an ermine pelt
a pelt of soft yeti’s fur
a black torturers mask
a cilice of suffering
a beautiful silken dress
a fancy quill
a wooden shield
a wickedly spiked trollhide shield
a dented shield
[2] a ring of raw energy
a blue crystal eyepiece
a set of blue black peryton horns
a potion of whirling blue air
a pair of blue suede shoes
a deep blue eyepatch encrusted with sapphires
a small wooden totem
[2] a very old and worn key
a silver key

A lot of stuff!

How many bag slots would you need to carry all of that around with you in WoW or EQ2?

Of course, there were no storage in Toril, at least not then.  You had to keep it on yourself or make a storage alt.

11 thoughts on “Dartan’s Portable Hole

  1. Gaff

    Since this is always about me…I think the best I got was a dimensional vault. Held quite a bit more than a Tinkers, and wasn’t 10k plat. Chandigar wrote the airship zone where one quested the vault.

    How about the other end of bags? Wasn’t the starter container the little bag you got from the goblin way south in Faerie Forest? I forget the descript or even if it had any weight reduction.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The Bag of Snatching? I remember racing out to the Faerie Forest to grab that each reboot. For a long time that was the best bag you could get on Evermeet, at least until you could afford the Bag of Tinkers.


  3. coppertopper

    Reading this on an iPhone having to scroll the screen down with many a thumb swipe made this an even funnier read. It really felt like a bottomless hole for awhile there :p


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, in an email, where I had it saved, it did not seem so long. But on the web page where you have to scroll and scroll, you get a feel for how much stuff that really is.


  5. Xyd

    Okay, he took the term “packrat” to a whole new level. He had some stuff in there worth less than the newbie eq!

    BTW, nice job having a detect-invis active. :-) I would give you bonus points for having a color ASCII capture. :P


  6. Chandigar

    heh… I remember him handing it to someone, then a second later, that person would disconnect. Usually meant they looked inside it and the spam kicked them out of the game :P


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Uh oh, busted after all these years!

    I actually configured ZMud to be pretty resistant to long data scrolls like that after some wise guy ranger alternated carving things at the fountain in WD so people would disconnect when the entered the room.

    So I had tog paging off, but I survived.


  8. Dartan

    Those were the good ol’ days. Casually playing Aion atm. I get a kick that looking up Dartan on google, this is one of the first results.


  9. Nocturnal Critter

    That list (415 rows of items) is about twice as much as an EQ2 character can carry, or about the same size of a character’s maxed-out EQ2 bank


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