How I Survived (And Thrived) During The Zombie Invasion

I stayed the hell away from everybody.

Actually, I happened to be working on getting my hunter to level 70 during most of the event, which meant hanging around in places like Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley.

It turns out that in a zone where most people are busy trying to accomplish something and are high level, trying to pull the zombie routine gets the crap beaten out of you the moment you show up.

Really.  I’ve never seen people so cooperative and focused than when dealing with some zombie-tard trying to mess with their carefully laid plans.  Obsessive-compulsive rage for the win!

And when it came down to it, Shattrath wasn’t so bad.  But most everybody there could put up a fight, and your typical griefer isn’t looking for a fair fight.

Back on old Azeroth though, it was a disaster… or a lot of fun, depending on your level.

I rolled a new character to play with a friend who has been unimpressed with the idea of MMOs in the past.  Of course, he picked the weekend when Blizzard gave noob griefing the green light.  After less than an hour and many deaths, he was done.  I might get him to try again in 4 or 5 years.  Maybe.  Well, probably not.

Reactions to all of this have varied. The word “whiner” seems to come up a lot when there are complaints about the zombies.  These are often from people whom I suspect aren’t being killed by zombies whose levels show as ??. (That means “more than 10 levels higher” in WoW.)  Of course, a good chunk of the time, I would characterize those responses as “counter-whines” really.  Lame rationalization seems to be one of the defining human characteristics.

It has been pointed out that giving players the ability to grief noobs without consequence pretty much guaranteed that it was going to happen.  I mean, we’ve all heard about Ultima Online, right?  So what was Blizzard thinking?

Lume the Mad (not who you think) has a particularly good write up on the whole thing.

But it appears that we’ll wake up tomorrow and find the zombie menace gone.

Then we can all sit in the auction house in peace without having to constantly restart the auctioneer AddOn because the auctioneer keeps getting killed.

9 thoughts on “How I Survived (And Thrived) During The Zombie Invasion

  1. Hudson

    I had fun attacking alliance players in Booty Bay with my 70 undead mage. In fact I followed one particular lowbie around and waved to him before I blew myself up. He actually ran from me into a room. He tried to hearthstone away but I infected him before he got out.

    I am sure he died promptly after or was changed into a shabling servant of dead, either way this event provided me with hours of fun except when my Shat quest NPCS are dead.

    I also preyed upon people that went AFK after they fully buffed up and were getting ready to do dailies.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I went to Booty Bay with my druid and found the place under a serious zombie siege. I had to just log out while a wisp it was so bad. I’ll collect his corpse once things subside.


  3. Arides

    I spent the zombiocalypse on my priest griefing potential griefers by curing the disease on anyone I saw. I got sworn at a lot, which of course was why I did it.


  4. *vlad*

    I attempted to cleanse a zombie 10 levels higher than me; he then chased me round Stormwind (without success). After that I got the abusive whispers.
    I then bumped into him a bit later in his normal form, at which point he ran off to get infected again so that he could kill me. So I logged back on with my main, and nuked him as he came through the door.
    So satisfying.


  5. Matsutsuri

    After tooling around completely oblivious after logging on with my lvl 17 main (yes…n00b) warrior in Durotar on the 23rd, I wandered over to Ogrimmar to auction off some stuff. I was immediately attacked by 8 lvl 70 somethings while staring at my screen in disbelief and turned into a zombie.

    That was the first out of about 2 dozen times over the next 3 hours.

    No matter where I went, there were zombies. Lvl 1 zombies as plaguespreaders, NPC lvl 10 zombies, lvl 70 PC zombies…brainsuckers everywhere.

    Finally, Hogai (lvl 20 rogue) and I did what any good survivors in a zombie horror flick should do: We packed our crap, I bought a gun, and we headed for the mountains. We only crept back down last night to see if any remnants of civilization remained.

    It was fun for awile, but it certainly lost it’s charm after I discovered my own side were purposefully infecting themselves to spread the disease to entire cities and wipe out every PC and NPC within a 10 square mile radius.

    One funny thing did come out of it, though. I met up with Hogai outside the Charred Vale, who was invisible and hiding in the bushes. When I asked him what the heck he was doing, he replied, “SHHHHHH! Zombies! They’re everywhere…”

    On the flip side, it gave me the chance to grind some XP and I’m lvl 21 now…go me.


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  7. Light Yagami


    The ONE thing that would have made this an acceptable event for all, a fun event, but still deadly and world changing…

    Make zombie health go down by 20% per hit taken. By anything.
    (Zombies do 5%etc damage per hit)

    some additional things:

    A lvl70 goes to a newbie area to gank as a zombie? goodluck against those lvl 1’s…
    they will band together and kill it very quickly.

    5 lvl1 zombies against ONE lvl70… potentially a tough fight, allowing zombies to ONLY overwhelm normal players by sheer force of numbers. 5 to 1 gives even odds.

    Zombies can infect any npc, boar, spider, guard etc

    Once turned into a zombie, your equipment doesn’t take damage.

    Once turned into a zombie, you get a 30-minute immunity to the disease after you die and become a normal player again. You can log off, then on to get rid of the immunity.

    Priests can make temporary holywater to hand out to other players, lasts 5min and a priest can make 1 per hour. It’s a ranged *1 hit kill* to a zombie.

    Players get EXP from killing zombies, equal to killing something 3 levels below them.

    There are no crates, no roaches…
    Zombies come into Azeroth through NPC spawns.
    Yes, they spawn in random areas, gather together and make raids on outlying towns etc

    Eventually zombies only lose 5% of health per hit (and do 5% to anyone else).

    Zombies gain a health buffer of 1 hit for every player they kill, max of 20 additional hits they can take.

    Zombies gain 2x the experience they would have got from a npc 3 levels below them when they kill a player.

    If you are killed while infected, killed by a zombie etc or your infection has turned you into a zombie…
    1. Actively play the zombie you’ve become
    2. Come back as a normal player, no armor loss at your current location or to your hearth location.
    If you choose number 2 then you’re immune to infection for 30min, and being killed by a zombie simply kills you. In your place, a NPC zombie is spawned, either way a zombie is created…but you choose if you want to play it or let it seek brains on its own.

    Zombies can’t damage auctioneers,
    flightmasters *or any npc* that can potentially give out a quest AS LONG AS there’s a non-zombie player within 100 yards. This means that as long as there’s resistance, the auctioneer will be safe…same goes for random npc mobs, can’t attack them (they won’t attack you) if there’s a non-zombie player nearby, you have to clear the area of players before you can start on the npc’s and turn them into zombies.

    Zombies drop random humanoid loot based on the lvl of the one looting them.
    So do players the zombie’s kill…they give ‘body parts’ that can be handed in to your zombie quest givers for items, temporary buffs and other fun stuff.

    Zombies can last until they logoff, no health decline…there’s no point in having it.

    Holy-Snowballs (frozen holywater) are given out, these last until the invasion ends…they’re 1 ‘limb’ each (loot of zombies). they only work on zombies, and have a 1min cooldown. Knock a zombie 3 times as far as a regular snowball would and affects any zombie within 5 yards of where it lands, throwing them in random directions.

    Zombies can play dead, like a hunter.

    oh ho ho! this one’s good…

    In the Battle Grounds, WSG etc the opposing side appearance is that of zombies! superficial difference.
    Their spells have different visuals etc and their flag is a tied up captive you have to rescue.
    To them YOU APPEAR TO BE ZOMBIES, and they the good guys.

    Undead players can choose to end being infected at any time,
    because of their hatred for the burning legion and physical characteristics…through willpower.

    Priests etc gain Reputation (depending on where they are) for every time they cure an infection.
    Once per player per day, so can’t keep curing the same player, to avoid abuse.

    Saying ‘fag’ etc in chat will make you have *a weak zombie every time* you’re turned into one, for the entire event. It take only 1 hit to kill you. “why you kill me you fag? I wanted to infect more people”

    Zombies can walk right through a Paladins ‘bubble’.
    Can’t use hearth while infected, and Can’t cure yourself.

    Arrows etc only take off 5% of a zombie’s max health every hit, instead of the normal 20%.
    You have to fill them with arrows before they start to fall apart.

    -Turning a zombie into a sheep-
    permanently changes it’s appearance to that of a zombie sheep.
    It’s now like a normal zombie, but gains the ability ‘ram’ which takes off 5% of your health and is like being hit by a snowball. 10 sec cooldown for ‘ram’.

    Zombie players can go to any graveyard and ‘loot’ a grave,
    to create a weak (1 hit and it’s dead) zombie minion, 1 minion per grave and graves become available to loot once every 10 min. Every player can have 10 minions, each one gets their own action-bar icon and are controlled like hunter pets. Zombies can ‘loot’ any corpse in this manner.

    #DETER Out of character zombie hate#
    After being a zombie, IF YOU DIE AS A ZOMBIE YOU CAN’T SPEAK FOR 10 MINUTES.
    No speaking in chat, or whispers, nothing.
    This prevents ‘zombie hate’ “omg why you kill me you fag!!!$!”
    You can of course become a zombie again to speak to other zombies.

    Can’t talk for 20sec (can still emote) after you’re cured of infection. To prevent impulse hate, gives players some time to cooldown after the disappointment of not getting to be a zombie. Anything you say for 20 sec will be converted into random ‘thankyou for saving me!’ phrases.

    The most important thing is still this:
    *Every hit you do to a zombie takes away 20% of their max life.
    *When one hits you, it does 5% of your max life.

    A lvl70 pile of meat is just as easy to kill as a lvl1 pile of meat…it’s a pile of walking meat, you cut it’s head off and it dies. Even your grandmother could do it.

    I dream of a world where a lvl1 player can take down a lvl70 burning-legion zombie.

    Where 7 lvl1 zombie’s can take down a lvl70 player…

    “but…but I’m a lvl70, I’ve got a VIP pass and everything, I’ve even read all the WOW novels and collected all the figurines…I’m the best pvp’r on my server…and they ganked me.
    I…I even wear WOW pajamas to bed every night, how could I lose?”


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