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TorilMUD was, and still is, big on players being a part of the world.  While role playing was not mandatory, it meant that things like your name and character description had to be approved by the team that ran the game.  And to be approved they had to be “in character” and appropriate for your race and class.  There was none of the names you see so often in WoW, like Sovietagent, Kilzyou, or Dumblonde. (All of which I just got from a “who” in Ironforge.)

While a description was something you added after you were in the game, but a name was something you needed to log in.  The MUD ran 24/7, but the gods with name approval authority were not always online.  And if they were not online when you were creating a character, you would just sit there in “approval limbo” until somebody showed up.

To rectify that, the team created a name generator for the game.  When creating a character you could choose your own name and be left to the whims of the approval process, or take a name from the generator and be automatically approved.

And the name generator was pretty good.  Some pretty good names came out of it, some of which I use to this day.

Some, however, were pretty questionable when it came to being “in character.”  We used to email the good ones to each other, names like:

  • Nomap
  • Lateral
  • Ases
  • Anut
  • Ispat
  • Tales
  • Sinutab
  • Makes
  • Purmalog
  • Medal
  • Fellah
  • Anag
  • Panix

You could take one of those names and get into the game, but in a very short time a god would show up and ask you to pick a better name.  Usually.  I still wonder how some names passed muster, like a guy named Sorepain. (Sore Pain?)  The worse the name, the quicker somebody would come get you.

The best name I ever rolled on TorilMUD was “Toril.”  I was rolling up a paladin because I had somehow picked up a Holy Avenger, the two-handed blade that every paladin wants, and I could not resist the option.  And I was busted at the main menu, before I even entered the game.

Generated Names (choose by number)
1) Lesimnar            5) Ocerur
2) Toril               6) Damozev
3) Inewir              7) Aseway
4) Acoy                8 ) Rifohoy
0) Generate different names.

By what name do you wish to be known? 2
You wish to be known as Toril (Y/N)? y

Please enter a password for Toril:

NAME:   Toril
SEX:      Male
RACE:     Human
CLASS:    Paladin
ALIGN:    Good
HOMETOWN: Waterdeep

Your basic stats:
Strength:        mighty  Power:           bad
Dexterity:       heroic  Intelligence:    mundane
Agility:         heroic  Wisdom:          average
Constitution:    heroic  Charisma:        mundane

Above, you see the final stats for the character you have created.
These stats include adjustments for your bonuses.

You have the opportunity at this time of keeping or discarding this character. If you choose to give up on this character, you may exit the game by typing ‘q’ or return to the beginning of the character creation process by typing ‘n’.

Do you want to keep this character? (Y/N/Q) Y

Yep, he’s a keeper!

TorilMUD : the Sojourner’s Home Welcomes You!


*** Welcome to Toril ***

0) Leave Toril for a Time.
1) Enter the realms of Toril.
2) See who is currently playing.
3) Read the background story.
4) Change your password.
5) Enter your character description.
6) Delete this character.

Make your choice: Oghma responds to your petition with ‘hahahahaha’
Oghma responds to your petition with ‘can I have you think of a new name please?’


Welcome to TorilMUD

The Newbie Help Room
Exits: – East  – West
A small bag.
A belt and pouches has been left here.
A pheasant quill has been left here.
A sun-bleached spellbook has been left here.
[2] A wood handle dagger has been left here.
[3] A hollow quill lies here leaking out ink.
[3] A fan-like spellbook has been carelessly left here.
[3] A weapon that only remotely resembles a dagger has been dropped here.
Welcome. This is now your character on Toril.
May your journey here never end…..

NOTE:  Type TOGGLE and HELP for useful information!
Read the rules! Type HELP RULES, HELP MULTIi

If you are new to Toril, you may use the Newbie Help Channel
to get some tips and advice from other players.  Type: nhc <message>
to get started!

You petition ‘I didn’t want to enter the game until I thought of a new name, I couldn’t resist!’

Oghma responds to your petition with ‘That rules :P’

You petition ‘this one was better than Sinutab… lesse, how about Wilcar?’

You tell Agor ‘best name ever!’

You tell Tabab ‘best name ever!’

Oghma responds to your petition with ‘You’re now Wilcar :)’

< 36h/36H 110v/110V > enter sojourn

Tabab tells you ‘nicy try:P’

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    I wonder why? I mean, for EVE there seems to be no naming convention implied, specified, or acknowledged.

    Maybe for a game being done with the White Wolf stuff?


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