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The Last Time I Hit Level Cap

As I approached level cap with Vikund in World of Warcraft, I repeated (ad naseum) that the last time I hit the level cap in any game was in TorilMUD.  In order to close the circle on that, and to continue with the TorilMUD nostalgia jag, I thought I would add in when exactly that was.  After all, as Checkov said, “If in the first act you mention a pistol, then it must be thrown at Superman in the last act.”  Or something like that.  He was always the most difficult member of the original series cast to understand.

I hit level cap with Vikund in World of Warcraft on August 23, 2008.

I hit level cap with Zouve in TorilMUD on March 25, 2003.

So there was a five and a half year level cap gap in my career.

And on that fateful day when I hit level 50 in TorilMUD I had also collected a respectable set of gear.

[50 Druid       ] Zouve Telcontar – Shades of Twilight (Half-Elf) (RP)

You are using:

<worn on head>       a headband of a thousand eyes
<worn on eyes>       a purple silk eyepatch (magic)
<worn in ear>        a tiny rosewood disc
<worn in ear>        a shimmering teardrop of molten lava (magic)
<worn on face>       a glittering golden mask (magic)
<worn around neck>   a torque composed of midnight mist (illuminating)
<worn around neck>   a skeletal hand holding a golden scale (magic)
<worn on body>       a long burnished ringmail tunic (magic)
<worn about body>    a blue polkadot cloak (magic)
<worn as quiver>     a feathered quiver
<worn about waist>   a belt encrusted with black sapphires (magic)
<worn on arms>       a deep-blue set of sleeves (magic)
<worn around wrist>  a silver band (magic)
<worn around wrist>  a bracelet made from leaves of nightshade
<worn on hands>      talons of the raven (magic)
<worn on finger>     an amethyst ring (magic)
<worn on finger>     a ring of eldritch fire
<held>               the starseed nebula (magic) (illuminating)
<held>               an elemental orb of might (magic)
<worn on legs>       a set of greaves with glowing runes
<worn on feet>       a pair of itchy knit gretwehrr slippers

I wish I still had all that gear, though it is the headband of a thousand eyes I miss the most.

TorilMUD had the concept of “trophy” where is a certain mob represented more than a certain percentage of your total experience pool, it would start giving you less and less experience.  No killing level 1 boars all the way to 50.

Zouve had perhaps the silliest level 50 trophy list ever.

Kill statistics for Zouve
Exp   %           Name
3.0           The faerie sage, Tatterfoal
3.3           Daumis the sage
5.1           the ghost of Atlos
2.1           a cat burglar
3.5           the elite guard
2.3           Gwark, the kobold clan leader
2.6           a farmer
2.3           a small alligator

Of those mobs, only the elite guard likely appeared on any other level 50 player.

But I have always been pretty silly in my play style.