The Last Time I Hit Level Cap

As I approached level cap with Vikund in World of Warcraft, I repeated (ad naseum) that the last time I hit the level cap in any game was in TorilMUD.  In order to close the circle on that, and to continue with the TorilMUD nostalgia jag, I thought I would add in when exactly that was.  After all, as Checkov said, “If in the first act you mention a pistol, then it must be thrown at Superman in the last act.”  Or something like that.  He was always the most difficult member of the original series cast to understand.

I hit level cap with Vikund in World of Warcraft on August 23, 2008.

I hit level cap with Zouve in TorilMUD on March 25, 2003.

So there was a five and a half year level cap gap in my career.

And on that fateful day when I hit level 50 in TorilMUD I had also collected a respectable set of gear.

[50 Druid       ] Zouve Telcontar – Shades of Twilight (Half-Elf) (RP)

You are using:

<worn on head>       a headband of a thousand eyes
<worn on eyes>       a purple silk eyepatch (magic)
<worn in ear>        a tiny rosewood disc
<worn in ear>        a shimmering teardrop of molten lava (magic)
<worn on face>       a glittering golden mask (magic)
<worn around neck>   a torque composed of midnight mist (illuminating)
<worn around neck>   a skeletal hand holding a golden scale (magic)
<worn on body>       a long burnished ringmail tunic (magic)
<worn about body>    a blue polkadot cloak (magic)
<worn as quiver>     a feathered quiver
<worn about waist>   a belt encrusted with black sapphires (magic)
<worn on arms>       a deep-blue set of sleeves (magic)
<worn around wrist>  a silver band (magic)
<worn around wrist>  a bracelet made from leaves of nightshade
<worn on hands>      talons of the raven (magic)
<worn on finger>     an amethyst ring (magic)
<worn on finger>     a ring of eldritch fire
<held>               the starseed nebula (magic) (illuminating)
<held>               an elemental orb of might (magic)
<worn on legs>       a set of greaves with glowing runes
<worn on feet>       a pair of itchy knit gretwehrr slippers

I wish I still had all that gear, though it is the headband of a thousand eyes I miss the most.

TorilMUD had the concept of “trophy” where is a certain mob represented more than a certain percentage of your total experience pool, it would start giving you less and less experience.  No killing level 1 boars all the way to 50.

Zouve had perhaps the silliest level 50 trophy list ever.

Kill statistics for Zouve
Exp   %           Name
3.0           The faerie sage, Tatterfoal
3.3           Daumis the sage
5.1           the ghost of Atlos
2.1           a cat burglar
3.5           the elite guard
2.3           Gwark, the kobold clan leader
2.6           a farmer
2.3           a small alligator

Of those mobs, only the elite guard likely appeared on any other level 50 player.

But I have always been pretty silly in my play style.

6 thoughts on “The Last Time I Hit Level Cap

  1. Fholcan

    Dear Sir, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the post which you have just posted, about TorilMUD and MUDs in general, as it has made me start playing yet another game :P


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yeah, I’ve gotten that note from a couple of people… seen them back in the MUD… which means that this nostalgia bit reflects back and works on me as well.


  3. Soren the Lurker

    Suddenly I’m *very* jealous.
    When do I get the chance, in EVE, to fight “a small alligator” ?


  4. gaff

    Friggin plat farmer that can’t keep your alignment straight. You make druids look bad.

    Itchy gret slippers? What are you, 250 years old?


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    250 years old? Probably more than that, actually. I have had the age reduction treatment from a necro a few times and I am currently 186 years old.

    You should see my human characters, well into the 100’s and dropping hitpoints like crazy. There is something you don’t do in a modern MMO: Age.


  6. Snafzg

    The best set I ever had in MUME (Multi-Users in Middle Earth) only lasted a couple days before I died in PvP and got fully looted! The nice thing about PvP-MUDs was that you were only a few good kills away from getting decked out again. :P


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