Level 50 Dragonite Event

We’ve let Pokemon silde at our house lately, my daughter being more interested in Nintendogs these days.  But we still keep our eyes open for special Pokemon events, and our Pokemon alert network let us know that one is coming up this weekend.

According to Pokemon.com, on Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th you will be able to go into your local Toys R Us and download a special level 50 Dragonite Pokemon.

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(click for full size)

This is apparently a big deal because Dragonair does not evolve into Dragonite until level 55 usually.  This will, according to the press release, let you enter this Dragonite, with his special moves, in tournaments limited to level 50 Pokemon.

I thought that said tournaments automatically down-leveled your Pokemon to 50, but I may be mistaken.

Anyway, my daughter and I will be off to download Dragonite this weekend.  If nothing else, that will be one less Pokemon I need to find the seemingly endless quest to fill out the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond.

5 thoughts on “Level 50 Dragonite Event

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The Pokemon alert network told us in advance that the Toys R Us near our home (Winchester Blvd.) did not get the Dragonite distribution set up in time for the event, so we had to travel farther afield to do the download.

    We ended up at the El Camino Real store where we got the download and got into a few networked trainer battles with other people there for the download. And when I say “people” I mean me and a bunch of kids under age 12.

    One kid looked at me and said, “I didn’t know old people liked Pokemon.”


  2. Justin

    I missed the event, any way for me to still get the dragonite? such as sending me the item used in the pokemon event…I’m not really sure how pokemon events work so any advice would help.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think you just have to wait and watch for the next such event. Nintendo seems to have a couple a year.

    The distribution method is a special cartridge that goes in a DS at the store that allows you to download the pokemon via WiFi, or so I have read.


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