Daily Archives: November 9, 2008

Norrath Without a Net

With Warhammer Online expiring for most of the instance group we began exploring game ideas for the ongoing Saturday night group.

Of course, World of Warcraft and the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion was high on the list.  I think Blizzard would have to unleash actual zombies on the homes of their subscribers to keep that from being a hit.  But with Blizzard banning Potshot out of the blue, if only temporarily, we started to look further afield.  That brought us to EverQuest II.

Gaff was off like a shot at the mere mention of EQ2, with three account active again.

For me EverQuest II would seem to be a natural choice. I’ve played the game on and off since day one.  It is a good game with lots of play options.

But I have developed something of a mental block with the game.  I have had some trouble building any enthusiasm for the game.  I could have played it for free literally all Summer thanks to the Living Legacy event from SOE, but I logged on for not more than two hours total, and that was just to tinker with the market.  I do not think I took out a single mob or earned a single experience point.

The problem, I think, is that I have a full slate of mid-level characters with trade skill, half full quest logs, and no real goals.  Every direction I go with them when I log on seems to require three prerequisites.

So we decided to start with a clean slate and roll fresh characters on another server.  We chose Guk so we could hang out with Karen and Darren and Karen‘s guild, Revelry and Honor.

To further freshen things up, we rolled characters on the Freeport side of the world.

Of course, I had no free character slots for this, so I had to go with Station Access.  That isn’t all bad, as I want to check out some of the new items in EverQuest as well, like the mercenaries you can hire.  And, because I just got a “come back for 30 days free” offer for Star Wars Galaxies, SOE actually extended my month of Station Access to 45 days.  That is a new policy.  You used to just lose any free time if you had Station Access.

So Gaff, Potshot, Ula, and I have new characters on the Freeport side of the world.

I was calling Gaff obsessive for already having characters in the level 30 range, but after starting out myself, I can see that they have really lowered the experience curve for the early levels.  I have a lot of quests going grey on me before I can get to them.

So we’ll see if a fresh start will revive the spirit of Norrath with me.