Norrath – Key Moves

The first things I did on logging back into EverQuest II:

I remapped the quest journal key to “L,” swapping the achievements to “J.”

Then I unmapped the command “crouch” from the keyboad completely and mapped “C” key to the secondary command for inventory.

I used to map the keys in World of Warcraft to match those in EQ2.  But now, after playing so much WoW (and LOTRO, which uses the same keys) I have to remap EQ2.

Plus, I do not recall ever having a need for the “crouch” command.  Characters crouch automatically when they need to, so the very existence of this command mystifies me.  It must be a carry-over from EverQuest.

7 thoughts on “Norrath – Key Moves

  1. Ogrebears

    The command is useful in raids…. If mob fears you, you run in random directions. Crouching slows your speed down by 1/2, and walk instead of running slow you down by 1/2. Together you don’t move to far away from the mob that has feared you.


  2. rulez

    The only time I remember using crouch was for certain raid bosses in KoS that used nasty fear effects that made you running all over the place. Crouch + Walk was basically the counter to fear cause it made you move very sloooowly even when feared.
    I had to think for a moment to even remember that! :)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I had not considered using crouch to slow down your speed when hit with fear. On the other hand, I can’t ever recall being hit with fear in EQ2, so I am still of the opinion that crouch does not deserve an un-modified keystroke.

    I am a bit surprised that EQ2 lets you change into walk/crouch when hit with fear. I wonder if WoW will let me switch to walk when that happens?

    @PE – All the more reason to remap, lest anybody think I am looking for hand outs.


  4. Fuan

    “…so the very existence of this command mystifies me.”

    Not everything in the game has to have a reason :) Think: /cutemode and any of the various emotes.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    True enough. But Cute Mode doesn’t get its own unmodified letter key. There are only 26 of those to spare, so you would imagine that they would be allocated for important things.

    So I have been waiting for a use for that for… well… it will be four years tomorrow.


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