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Cats in the Commonlands

In line with trying for some fresh experiences in my return to EverQuest II I mentioned starting out on the Freeport side of the world.  Unlike World of Warcraft, this does not mean a complete sundering from all thing Qeynosian.  While relations between Antonia Bayle and Lucan D’Lere might be… uh… strained, outside of their cities most NPCs take a somewhat more neutral stance, rather like the goblins in Azeroth.  These NPCs have quests that need to be performed and they have a “no questions asked” position when it comes to who accepts them.

So, while getting into Qeynos and to the Revelry and Honor guild hall involved some dodging of NPC guards, for the most part the world is pretty similar for either faction. (Though I have to figure out how to get past the guards and pick up the heritage quest “The Journey is Half the Fun.”)

That meant freshness was going to have to come in other ways, such as a new race and a new class.

I went with a Kerra for my first character on Guk with some design help from my daughter.  I chose a Kerra because it was one of the races that can start in Timorous Deep, the Sarnak starting area introduced with the Rise of Kunark expansion.

For a class I copped out slightly and went with a brigand.  While it is technically a class I have never played, it is close enough to a swashbuckler that it barely counts as “new” for me.  I could not resist the ultra utility features of the class (and of swashbucklers) such as smuggle.

Melkerr the Brigand

Melkerr the Brigand

And while Timorous Deep was “new,” I was not especially thrilled with it and when finally got to Gorowyn I was ready to ship out for Freeport.  Gorowyn makes the Undercity in WoW seem sensible and Freeport the pinnacle of municipal planning.

Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh.  Gorowyn is quite impressive and a lot of work went into it, but it just isn’t the city for me.

Unfortunately, the transition from Gorowyn to Freeport did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.  While I eventually became a citizen of Freeport and got the “Call of the Overlord” recall skill, I somehow missed out on the skill that allows one to reset their recall point.  I will be stuck recalling to Stonestair Byway until I figure that one out.

Once character up to level 10, I decided to roll another.  This time going with a fury (no, that that Fury), a class I have never played in any guise in EQ2.  Sticking with the feline theme though, it ended up as another Kerra.

Torill the Fury

Torill the Fury

This time I went straight for Freeport and the old starting island, called the Refuge of the Overlord when starting as Freeport aligned.  At this point Potshot and Ula were both starting new characters as well, so we roved the island together and then headed to Freeport.

Finally, I had to make one more character because my daughter wanted to make one more cat.  A girl cat with a nice leopard pattern who is a troubador, another new class for me.

Ouiza the Troubador

Ouiza the Troubador

And I had to promise her I would play this character.  She likes to make characters for me, then gets quite disappointed when I do not play them.  (This is why I can never install City of Heroes again, I would never get my computer back once she got into that character creation tool.)

So now I have three cats in the Commonlands looking for adventure.  And I even managed to avoid giving them “cute” feline names.