Quantum Rise of Solace

The Quantum Rise update for EVE Online is out with just shy of a billion new things in it and a bright red splash screen.  The servers are up and seem to be stable, so CCP seems to have gotten that routine down at least.

Quantum Rise - November 2008

Quantum Rise – November 2008

One of the new things in the game is certificates.

Certificates appear to be somewhere between WoW achievements and EVEMon in usefulness.  They are supposed to be a somewhat more quantifiable reflection of what all your millions of skill points really mean.   Having just passed the 27 million skill point mark, I was keen to see what certificates I would get.

I logged in, went to my character sheet, clicking on the new certificates tab, and saw… nothing.


Now I knew that COULDN’T be right.

So I went further, into the Certificate Planner, and found, at the bottom of the window, a button labeled, “Claim All Certificates.”

So I did!  And I was rewarded with 49 certificates!


Of course, now I have a pile of certificates to go through to see what I have.  They appear to come in four flavors, which are:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Improved
  • Elite

I have no elite certificates, but improved versions of Active Shield Tanking, Passive Shield Tanking, and Business Mogel.

You appear to need a lot of skills at level V to get to Improved, as I thought I would be a shoe-in for Missiles, but I am three level V skills shy.

Interesting stuff, but I’m still annoyed that they took the +2 warp strength off of my Crane and put it on the Bustard.

*grumble* *grumble* *grumble*

11 thoughts on “Quantum Rise of Solace

  1. UFTimmy

    As a very new player, I like these. It helps me focus my training and figure out what skills to train to accomplish certain things.


  2. Anonymous

    Hate to break it to ya UFTimmy, but the certs are totally off the mark(I might even say, Load of Bullshit™).

    You’d do yourself a much better service if you forgot they existed and train the way we all used to train: By fooling around with EveMon, and talking to your mates about whats effective and what’s not.


  3. ombeve

    Interesting, you’d rather have the +2 stabs than the ability to warp cloaked?

    I was chuffed to bits when they did that, means that re-supplying myself (hauling ships and mods to a lowsec systems where my carrier is, then jumping it out to 0.0) just got a whole lot easier!

    I noticed though that the recloak time is 30 seconds, so if you jump into a camp, you must remember to hold the jump cloak, especially if you were cloaked on the warp to the gate you just jumped through


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “Interesting, you’d rather have the +2 stabs than the ability to warp cloaked?”

    So far, the stabs have saved my butt twice while the cloak I fitted has mostly been an interesting toy. The reason I bought the ship was the stabs, while I only started playing with the cloak after seeing how people outfitted them in the forums.

    So they made the Crane less agile and removed the key selling point from my perspective. On the other hand, I never go to and from 0.0, only into low sec systems for pickups, so something like a gate camp with a bubble is almost never an issue.


  5. bluelinebasher

    I like the certs. It gives some ideas for goals and gives guides for a career change in an otherwise self motivated environment.


  6. Escoce

    Just use your bustard, you can now carry a lot more with your +2 stabs in that ship instead.

    If you’ve never been gate camped with bubbles in low sec, you just got lucky. It might not be a common occurance, but it happens. I got stuck once running a mission into low sec (having never been camped yet either at that time), and getting popped right out of my ship and my pod.

    I think you should check again, I think jumping through a gate negates the timer. In my helios I can warp cloaked, jump, warp&quick cloak as I decloak from jumping. No delay and i doubt anyone even has a chance to notice the blip on the overview. I could be wrong, or my timing just worked out, but I don’t believe I had an issue with it.


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