The Constant Lightbringer

With a few of us now roaming or, in Gaff‘s case, running amok in the fields of post-cataclysm Norrath I have been thinking about what we should use to guide our adventures and advancement in EverQuest II.

For our regular Saturday night group in World of Warcraft, single group instances have marked the path.  Following the quest lines in Azeroth bring you steadily to new instances on a regular basis as you level up in the game.

There is no similar progression of discreet group activities in EQ2.  Not that there are not things for groups to do.  There are dungeons and group quests and the like aplenty.  But many of the dungeons in Norrath are sprawling affairs that are more like underground zones with many quest branches as opposed to focused dungeon crawls.

In essence, I’ve been somewhat spoiled by Blizzard feeding us nice two hour dungeons on a regular basis.

Still, just because the sign posts for progression are not obvious does not mean that they are not there.  In looking at the options I figured that Heritage Quests might be a good progression path for our group.  They don’t start rolling until level 20, except for that one on Faydwer, and I’m not sure if you can get that when you’re Freeport aligned, giving us some time to get used to playing our new characters.

I had that in mind while I was running around the Nektulos Forest end of the Commonlands with Melkerr.  As has been my long standing habit, if I am over in that area at night with a scout, I started tracking to see if I could spot the Lightbringer Wisp.

The Lightbringer Wisp is the mob that drops the burned out lightstone which is the quest starter for one of the first heritage quests, Return the Light.

And, there it was on tracking!

I immediately headed for it.  This was a rare mob, a once-per-night spawn, I had thought I had better grab it fast.  People used to farm it to sell the burned out lightstone on the market.

I ran straight to it and managed to kill it, though it was a bit of a challenge for me at level 16.

I then relayed the need to find the Lightbringer Wisp again to Potshot.  We would all need to grab the burned out lightstone.

Then, checking track out of habit, I saw the Lightbringer Wisp again!

Holy crap!

I cajoled Potshot to get his dark elf posterior out to the druid ring in the Commonlands post haste!  This was a respawn without precedent!

He got out there and we managed to die on our first attempt at slaying the wisp due to my obsession with the coming of the dawn when wisps, you know, disappear… go to ground… despawn.

We revived as the rosy tendrils of dawn were spreading across the sky (nice sky effects there SOE!) and rushed back and managed to bring it down.

And thus Potshot got his burned out lightstone.

And as we sat there basking in our good fortune, the Lightbringer Wisp had the temerity to spawn in front of us in the full morning light.  Now I was a bit confused, but still driven by the memories of how things apparently used to work.  I had started the quest with my lightstone, which meant that I no longer had the lore item in my inventory.  That used to mean you could loot another light stone.

So we called Ula out to the druid ring.  Then, still fearing it would despawn, we killed it and I tried to loot it.  No burned out lightstone.

Ula showed up and so did another Lightbringer Wisp.  By this point even my jaded mind was starting to form the thought, “They seem to have changed something here.”

Ula there, we slew the obliging wisp and she got her burned out lightstone.  And before we could leave the scene, the Lightbringer Wisp spawned again.  It being high noon did not seem to scare the wisp away.

Later, I came back with Torill my fury to grab the burned out lightstone from the Lightbringer Wisp burned out lightstone dispenser.  Again, there it was out in the midday sun.

Torill and the Lightbringer Wisp

Torill and the Lightbringer Wisp

I wonder what else has changed with this quest since the last time I did it?

8 thoughts on “The Constant Lightbringer

  1. Stargrace

    1. Yes evil aligned players can do the heritage quest in greater faydark, the guards are not aggressive to those who come up the ramp closest to the quest giver. Specifically because of that quest.

    2. The lightbringer quest no longer has camps. All the encounters are up constantly. You no longer need to quest to gain access to the instance, but do need to speak to an npc to be ‘flagged’ for it (no real trigger involved). The named you need to fight in the later parts have changed too. The quest is much more ‘newb’ friendly now since it’s one of the very first heritage quests.


  2. Lessling

    All the Heritage quests are available to Evil/Exile/Good players. Some alter a little due to alignment and some are harder to get dependant on alignment.

    As to changes to the quests many have had the mob respawn rates changed. It took me around 6 months to complete the lightbringer HQ back in the beginnings of EQ2, now it is quite possible to do in an evening. It feels less of an achievement but I do have other more enjoyable things to do than waiting for spawns!


  3. JoBildo

    You know, the Dungeon Crawls of WoW are missed in WAR too. There’s Gunbad for the 20s, and others for the 30s and at 40. But they’re not traditional dungeon-crawls that you’d expect. They’re huge zones with a lot of PQs, and instanced boss encounters are the end.

    There’s good and bad to this. The good is that with a warband, you can clear the wings easily, and then break down into smaller groups for the bosses at the end. But the downside is that it ends up not feeling like an intimate small-group encounter. I may be odd, but I enjoyed the privacy of WoW’s instances.

    Mount Gunbad is a cool place though, and has its own Influence bar as a way to get rewards in case your luck (like my own) sucks and you never win the loot rolls. :)


  4. Seamus

    The end of the lightbringer quest is a bit touch and go for a low level group as I recall.

    Specifically the following link…

    The Heroics inside the instance come in waves, and are fairly difficult to do at the level of the quest. Good luck on that step!

    Also, EVERYONE in your group needs to talk to the guy outside the instance behind the rock twice. I’m going to edit that entry in the Wikia now, just notice it’s not correct.



  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh yeah, I am familiar with that last battle. I think I have done this HQ with five characters previously. In fact, of all the things they probably should have tuned was that last stage, since its difficulty is considerably out of skew with the rewards this HQ gives relative to other HQs.


  6. Loredena

    As others have mentioned, Lightbringer, until the final instance, is now one of the easier HQs as everything tends to be up regularly.

    In Honor and Service can be done regardless of city alignment, and is both fun and worth doing. I do suggest starting it by 14 if you can, as you will easily be 19 (and out leveling the named) by the time you are through.


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