My Four Year EverQuest II Anniversary

Aside from being the big Lich King release day, today is also my own four year anniversary with EverQuest II.

While I had played EverQuest, I was burned out on it by the time I quit and was not keen to start playing that sort of game again.

Gaff and I had been playing Desert Combat and TorilMUD for a while when he asked one evening if I wanted to go play EverQuest II.  A friend of his was going to pick the game up when it came out and he thought he might give it a try as well, having missed out on the whole EverQuest thing himself.

I hemmed and hawed a bit, remembering the downside of EverQuest and not having yet been infected by the nostalgia inducing video “Sayonara Norrath.”  Eventually, seeing that a couple other members of our TorilMUD guild were going to play, I agreed to come play as well.

So, on November 13th 2004, less than a week after the game’s launch, I rolled up my first character in EverQuest II, Nomu Stonemantle. (And I went for 15 days before I rolled at alt!)

We ended up in a guild with some EverQuest players called The Knights of the Cataclysm.  I remember some early TeamSpeak conversations with a few select members who went on and on about how WoW sucked and how they were only playing EQ2 until Vanguard came out. (Because it was going to be the true Hard Core successor to EverQuest!)  At least one of the loudest in that regard plays WoW now.

So, four years later, it has been a strange ride for EverQuest II.  At times it was practically unplayable.  The early avoidance of EverQuest and nostalgia by the designers led to some questionable, in my mind, decisions. (I am so tired of seeing flying carpets.)

We stayed for over a year, then left for WoW when Kingdom of the Sky came along.

Echoes of Faydwer restored my interest in the game and seemed to be something of a turning point.  Things seemed to get consistently better from that point forward.

Now, at the four year mark, I wonder where the game will go.  EverQuest is still stable and running at 10 years, what will EverQuest II look like when it passes the 10 year mark?

And thanks to the magic of Norrath time, when the Shadow Odyssey expansion comes out next week I will be eligible for the five year veteran rewards.

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