Daily Archives: November 17, 2008

Chasing Heritage Quests

Wednesday night, Lich King Eve, found three of us together in EverQuest and looking to start charting a course forward in the game.  We had decided to look into heritage quests, starting with Restore the Light right there in the Commonlands.  We redid our group members to get ourselves back to the holy trinity of MMO games; Tank, healer, dps.  So we ended up as:

Denrohir – 18 Dark Elf Shadow Knight
Midden – 19 Dark Elf Warlock
Torill – 19 Kerra Fury

As several people pointed out in my post on the Constant Lightbringer, the lead in quest mobs have gone from being rare timed spawns, to spawns with place holders, to today’s constantly available mobs that respawn almost right away.


So we were able to run through most of the quest, from Rama’nai to the High Priest of Valmarr, including the four named orcs required for Bloodskull Vally access, in about as much time as it took us to travel to them.  The only real searching that had to be done was for the High Priest, since you used to be able to spawn him at a number of locations, and his current resting spot on one of the towers was not one of the locations I ever used.

Along the way we all managed to gain a level.

That accomplished, only the last big battle, and the quest wrap up, lay before us.  For purely comedic value, I suggested that we go see how tough Bloodskull Valley was.  We went in and the scout that waits out front killed Midden in a couple hits.  Torill managed to ress her, and I asked Denrohir to stand out front, and then the tide of orcs washed over us and slew us all in a second.

So while SOE has simplified the rest of the quest to a quick game of tag, the hardest part remains far beyond the abilities of any at level group.  We’ll be back in 10+ levels or so to try and finish up the quest.

Stuck there, we decided to move on to Faydwer to try out In Honor and Service.  We headed out to the Thundering Steppes by bell to take the boat to Butcherblock, but when the boat left the dock, Denrohir got left behind.  It seems he activate the wrong account and won’t have access to Faydwer until he picks up the Shadow Odyssey expansion next week.

So Midden and I rode the boat back to the Thundering Steppes.  From there we headed to Antonica.

The first stop there was for the Dwarven Workboots quest.  However, we came up short outside of the Keep of the Ardent Needle where the quest giver, Hwal Rucksif, resides.  There was a level 25 triple up arrow Qeynos guard sitting on the bridge to the keep.  We thought that maybe we could take him, if luck was on our side.  But, as soon as Denrohir got close, he was dead, and that was that.  Another heritage quest we won’t be doing at anywhere close to level.

Finally, we decided to see if we could get to the starter mob for The Journey is Half the Fun.  As I expected, he is on the bridge to North Qyenos behind a couple of guards.

We were able to get around the guards to the Qeynos gate end of the bridge by swimming the moat, but we could not jump over the bridge parapet to get to Cru Naseto, the quest giver.  Finally, in last move, I highlighted the North Qeynos gate and enter the city.  That pulled me into North Qeynos, where thankfully no guard was waiting to slay me.

We then left the city and were on the bridge and were able to get the quest from Cru.


Then we jumped back in the moat and made our escape.

We wrapped up the evening by running the Antonica and Commonlands segments of The Journey is Half the Fun.


And that is about it for us and heritage quests for a while.  We can work on one once the expansion comes out, but we have a lot of levels between us and being able to accomplish anything further when it comes to to at least two of the other quests.