Get Excited About Moria

The new expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, The Mines of Moria, has been overshadowed by the release of Warhammer Online (and its tribulations) and the huge Wrath of the Lich King launch, so personally I had little idea of what the expansion entailed beyond very general information.

G4TV‘s MMO Report went out to interview the LOTRO team at Turbine and came back with some really good stuff.  In part one they talk with the team about Moria itself, its design and vast scale.  It is enough to get you excited about the expansion.

Find part one of the interview here.

5 thoughts on “Get Excited About Moria

  1. Carlosjuero

    Moria adds a whole lot to the game; From Legendary Weapons that level up on their own (with special abilities that can be added; including glows for certain mob types ala Sting, Orcrist, and Glamdring).

    The UI options for skinning have been updated along with improvements to the quest interface, the addition of a ‘keyring’ and ‘quest bag’ and a ton of other things.

    I am a bit biased being a founder & lifetime from Day 1 (and before ;) ), but I play WoW as well as LotRO and still think that LotRO has much more to give a player in regards to storyline and PvE.

    I was suprised as heck to see that G4 did an expose on it, normally they either shy away from MMO’s or compare them (usually unfavorably) to WoW. Part 1 is a pretty good piece… for G4 at least


  2. Talyn

    Agreed, I’ve bounced around trying other MMO’s the past year and I keep coming back to LOTRO as my main game. There’s so much PvE content and it’s all very story-driven and executed in a very different way than WoW or any of the others.

    Moria itself… ya know… I’d read the preview interviews and saw the screenshots and everyone’s talking about how big it is. None of that does it justice. From the moment you step through the Hollin Gate into Durin’s Threshold and look around, the place is MASSIVE. It goes up, down and around and it’s unbelievably impressive how they even managed to construct this place. I can tell it’s going to be awhile before I learn my way around and get to see everything.


  3. mbp

    I’m back in Lotro and having fun although real life time commitments are preventing me from playing as much as I’d like. Full marks to Turbine for the continuing improvements to the game, even little things like the new improved (since I last played) quest log make the game a joy to play.


  4. Khan

    I’m having a lot of fun in LotRO as well. The Legendary Weapons are an awesome addition. Moria is a great zone. I think they really nailed it. It’s huge and scary and in places it’s so dark you can’t even see the walls. Tip: Always be sure you can see the bottom before running over a heavily-shadowed area; Moria has many sudden drop-offs, stairways to nowhere and paths which look like they’ll keep going until you crest a hill and then they make a sudden turn. Death from ‘misadventure’ is common.


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