My First Northrend Level

While I have been impressed with life in Northrend and how things are going with Wrath of the Lich King, I have not been playing a lot.  Non instance group nights have been mostly spent in EverQuest II, exploring Norrath from the Freeport perspective.

Still, I do find myself in Azeroth now and again, chasing down quests that do have a bit more spark and flair than your average “kill 10 foozles” routine.  Among other things I’ve been bombing pirates from a captured horde airship and out hunting with a train falcon.

And, amongst the fun, I found my hunter, Tistann, suddenly level 71.


Of course, a few minutes later I ran into a level 80 death knight.  There was somebody who managed 25 levels in the time I did one.

It isn’t a race, however… well, not since all the server first achievements got finished up.  I’m just enjoying the time I spend in Northrend.

4 thoughts on “My First Northrend Level

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, Nerrollus, as much as I would like you to drop your factionalism and embrace to the spirit of democratic centralism, I must admit that our WoW guild is named the Twilight Cadre and has the ranks:

    Beloved Leader (Tistann, membership # 00002)
    Central Committee
    Trusted Cadre
    Socially Friendly Element
    Enemy of the People


  2. nerrollus

    Curse you all! You will rue the day you talked about WoW instead of EQ2!

    I also give you the option of talking about Vanguard since I tried the trial recently and noticed it’s made some MASSIVE improvements over the years. I think I’m going to resub up and give it another go.


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