Sizing Up a Vulture

The wonder of EVE is not only figuring out what you want to do, but then figuring out how you get there, how much it will cost, and how long it is going to take.

So when I noted that my mining alt had evolved into a decent combat alt, it was suggested by Andreaz that I look into Command Ships as a possible path forward for him.

That meant it was time to crank up everybody’s favorite EVE Online toys utilities, EVEMon and the EVE Fitting Tool.  Some days I am in those two more than I am in the game.

There are two Caldari Command Ships, the Vulture and the Nighthawk.  I picked the Vulture to work with.

A quick mock up of a Vulture with the fittings currently on my Drake showed a good 45% boost in effective shield strength.  Granted, I lose two missile launcher hard points, but that much of a boost over an already awesome low maintenance shield tank makes it all worth it.  This is a ship worth having.

Then I had to look into the cost.  Being a tech II ship, I gave up on any idea of building it myself.  I would need a couple of long skills to manage that, so I started pricing Vultures on the market and available via contracts.  From that it looks like a Vulture is somewhere between 105 and 130 million ISK.  More expensive than, say, a Raven, but on par with a Rokh both in price and coolness.

Finally, I made it to the usual EVE back-hand slap.  I want it today, I can afford it today, but when can I fly the damn thing?

57 Days.

If I keep on the true path of training, let not a minute got to waste between skills, and do not get distracted by other wants and desires, I can fly a Vulture on January 21st, 2009.

That’s the way things go in EVE.

At least I was already well into one of the two long skills in the training plan.  In fact, I just wrapped up Battlecruisers V this morning and started on Caldari Cruiser V, a 21 day skill to overcome.   The next longest skill on the list is Long Range Targeting V, which comes in just over 8 days, and then skills fall into a pile of four days or less cycles.

And, of course, if I am going to bother with a command ship, I should go all out and get the warfare link modules going along with the associate implants.  I can get the first one fully up and running by some time in March of 2009.

EVE is a game of long term goals, and I had no other plans for my alt in any case.

4 thoughts on “Sizing Up a Vulture

  1. Sara Pickell

    I’ve felt extremely lucky lately, noting that both my characters can make it to the short term goal of retriever piloting in a matter of weeks. After that though, I think they are both going on long term “fleshing out” programs, which means training a lot of very long IVs and Vs.


  2. Kirith Kodachi

    I find it amusing that you are starting the path of a 57 day skill plan when my carrier training is down to the last stroke with 60 days left after essentially 8 months of training. :)

    You are absolutely right that Eve is all about long term goals.

    P.S. if you get a vulture BPC, and I build it for you for less than market price. In fact, I have some Ferox bpcs I was going to try and invent off of soon if you are interested.


  3. bluelinebasher

    Just like Eve, no love for the command ship nudge. Oh well, don’t forget to factor in the additional time for someone to match your priceline negotiation order for the ship, unless of course you’re still mister iskbags and prefer to buy off the rack.

    With the latest patch, are T2 ship original blueprints now available? I know I don’t have the skills to build a command ship, but I didn’t see the point in leveling them since it was nearly impossible or crazy expensive to obtain a T2 blueprint for ships.


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