Blizzard Copies Bright Wizard!

Somebody tell Mark Jacobs and the “Blizzard Steals Everything” brigade!  I expect a 20 paragraph response from Syncaine by the end of the day!  Can marauders and zealots be far behind?

How about a little fire scarecrow?

How about a little fire scarecrow?

Okay, maybe it is just one of the hair styles you can get from the barber shop in World of Warcraft.

But the first thing I thought when I saw this guy was “Bright Wizard.”

And he was a mage.  He could have been spec’d fire.

20 thoughts on “Blizzard Copies Bright Wizard!

  1. Hudson

    Ha ha!

    Bildo: Blood Elf I think. Amazingly POWER LEVEL 9000!!!!! looking. Had this on my level 70 human rogue for about 10 seconds and back to the barber he went.


  2. Green Armadillo

    Most of the “new” hairdos were just pilfered from other races.

    Also, ironically, most fire mages in WoW don’t actually throw Fireballs anymore, because Frostfire Bolt is generally going to be better for them.


  3. *vlad*

    There are no new haircuts, they just gave you the option of having the ones other races get already, and even then you can’t choose from all of them, just those from a certain race.
    Character creation in WoW is still way behind other games. I don’t know why Blizzard want it to be so restrictive.


  4. sifo

    Off topic a bit but man… how do people say that WoW has good graphics? I’m not saying that graphics are everything (gameplay is supremely important) but that looks like something off of a N64. I think a WAR Bright Wizard is one of the best looking classes in any MMO.


  5. bluelinebasher

    I dunno — years ago WoW lost me right away at the char generator. The ballooney model art did seem very N64 to me. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was totally let down after playing DAoC and expected something better. The footprints in the snow was kinda cool, but definitely not enough to keep me.


  6. Herc

    If you max all your setting (shadows etc) and head over to any zone you’ll notice a big difference. Especially in the new zones it’s just pure awesome.

    I agree that the model needs some updating but my toon is generally covered in his shiny armor =o.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @BLB – I think I’ve written multiple times here, my first run at WoW was partially cut short because I did not like the cartoon-like character models, the occasionally visible primitives, and the Warhammer feel of the art.

    But I got over it.

    Relative to how light it is on your system, the artwork is very good, especially when you pull back to look at the scenery vs. that rabbit with an elongated pyramid for a body.


  8. Duder

    It’s a Blood Elf haircut. Just like all races can get certain cuts from other races in barbershop.


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