Daily Archives: December 2, 2008

Do You Name Your Ships?

In EVE Online, do you name your ships?

I ask because it seems to be a somewhat introverted thing to do in EVE.

A ship’s name is not emblazoned along the bow or across the stern.

In fact, by default, nobody else can see the name of your ship in their overview or in the main screen.  Somebody has to dig up the information screen about your ship to see its name.

It is likely you could fly for days, weeks, or months without anybody bothering to peek at your info and see the name of your vessel.

It seems perfectly sane, reasonable, and logical to not bother thinking up a name for your ship, since you might be the only one ever to see that name.

Yet I name every single ship I fly, from shuttles to battleships.

My Raven battleships were named Walter Brennan (because the Raven has a gimpy wing) and Nevermore.

My Drakes have been named Smokin’ Doorstop, Wedge This!, and Wrecking Bar.

My haulers have had names like Twilight M&S and Twilight Party Supply.

My Hulk is named Clobberin’ Time in memory of a comic book obsessed roommate I had in college who I used to annoy no end by attributing incorrect tag lines to super heroes. (Yes Mike, I knew that was the line for The Thing every single time I attributed it to The Hulk.)

And even shuttles get named things like Rust Mite (Minmatar), Anal Probe (Amarr), or Spoon Trek.

In fact, the first three steps with me for any new ship are:

  1. Assemble ship
  2. Enter ship
  3. Name ship

After that I work on equipment.

But, as it has been pointed out on more than one occasion, I am a bit obsessive about some details, like names.  So I was wondering, does anybody else name their ships?

And, if you name them, what are some of your better, most fitting, or most amusing names?