And Sometimes It Rains Gold in the Faerun

I was on TorilMUD the other day with my little alt paladin and got a tell from somebody in the room.

Ancuc tells you ‘get avenger okay’

You get a holy avenger enshrouded in light.

Ancuc hi-fives you! Yeah!

You boggle at that concept.

Ancuc looks at you.

You tell Ancuc ‘heh, you just happen to have one sitting around to loan out?’

Ancuc tells you ‘nah, i dont use it lol’

Ancuc tells you ‘u can have it’

You wield a holy avenger enshrouded in light.
It glows brightly.

The Holy Avenger is the two handed blade of choice for paladins.  Or, as Kegor stat-bot puts it:

Kegor tells you ‘a holy avenger enshrouded in light * 7D4 6/4 PR-EVIL * Proc: Holy Word – Heal – Armor – Bless * MAGIC NODROP BLESS FLOAT NOBURN LIT TWOHANDS PALADIN-ONLY * Zone: Calimport (Q) * Last ID: 5-2-07’

I do not think it starts to proc until I hit a high enough level, but it is a mighty blade even without that.  Now I have to keep playing my paladin until I get there.

A big thank you to Ancuc!

That sort of thing happens once in a while in a game with a small but dedicated community.

Maybe if I roll up an Anti-paladin and hang around, somebody will drop one of these.

Kegor tells you ‘an unholy avenger pulsing with blood * 7D4 6/4 FARSEE SENSE-LIFE INFRA * Proc: SoulSteal – SoulShriek * Crit: Power of Darkness – SoulBind * MAGIC NODROP FLOAT TWOHANDS ANTI-PALADIN-ONLY * Zone: Greycloak Hills (Q) * Last ID: 5-25-07’

Just dreaming, I know, but I never managed to complete the quest for that blade.