Best MMO Expansion in 2008? has their yearly reader’s choice awards going.  Normally I am only mildly interested in these sorts of things, and usually only because I like to see what was included or excluded.  But one of the categories, Best MMO Expansion in 2008 got me thinking about some of the great content the industry has put out this year for games already on the market.

The choices has listed are:

  • Empyrean Age (EVE Online)
  • Mines of Moria (Lord of the Rings Online)
  • Seeds of Destruction (EverQuest)
  • The Shadow Odyssey (EverQuest II)
  • Wrath of the Lich King (World of Warcraft)

In an odd inversion of the usual situation, the expansion that interests me the least is the one for the game I am playing the most of late, The Shadow Odyssey.  This is mostly because I am starting out on a new server, so the only expansion content I get is the bear mount. Nice, but not exactly a deal closer.

On the flip side, the expansion I am most interested in is for the game I play the least, Lord of the Rings Online.  The Mines of Moria expansion sounds very exciting.  As a Tolkien fan, I really want to see how Turbine did the mines.  Unfortunately, my highest level character in LOTRO is 30, so I cannot just go explore, I have to do some work to get there.

And, in a very close second place for me is Wrath of the Lich King.  Blizzard did… well…. their usual great job and the weekly group is digging into the expansion and enjoying it quite a bit.

Which leaves me with a few questions.

Which expansion(s) did miss?

Which expansion is doing it for you and why?

Am I playing the wrong game?

8 thoughts on “Best MMO Expansion in 2008?

  1. tenfoldhate

    Enjoying Moria quite a bit. And by that I mean I’m enjoying the new hybrid rune-keeper class a whole lot since my main guy is only hovering around level 28 at the moment. Haven’t had a go at the warden yet, but the DPS/healing dynamic of the rune-keeper is one of those “easy-to-learn, hard-to-master” things that makes it very fun to play.

    The timing was finally on the mark for me and LoTRO. During the game’s initial launch, I was knee deep in other PvE endeavors and just didn’t feel right adding another to the list. This round, having just come off WAR, I was longing for some really well-done PvE.

    Everything I’ve heard about Moria in kinship chat has been glowingly positive, and my brother-in-law gave me a peek inside on his level 50-something this past weekend. The place FEELS huge. In every direction, just cavernous. Up, down, sideways. HUGE.

    Still, will be some time before my guardian gets there…


  2. Coppertopper

    Got Lotro going again because of the well developed story arcs which I hear are even better in the Mariah expansion (thanks Channel Massive).


  3. Kilanna

    Hrms… I cant compare TSO to other MMO’s but can compare to other EQ2 expansions.

    IMHO the scale of choice and variety in this expansion is just exquisite. Whether or not you are a raider, a more casual adventurer, or a tradeskiller there is plenty of content. So much choice and certainly so far it does not feel like there is a “grind factor” Feels as though there is going to be PLENTY to keep my girls out of mischief until the next expansion.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @TheRemedy – Oh yeah, the best hope that the other titles have in that poll is that a good chunk of the people who play WoW have never heard of


  5. mbp

    Lol yes the methodology of the survey is slightly flawed :). I guess the could have asked folk to “rate the expansion you are playing” which might have given some kind of useful information.

    For myself I am very happy with Lotro Moria and I haven’t even started questing in Moria itself yet. Turbine seem to have made the game more solo friendly which I am not necessarily a fan of but in compensation they have added a bunch of cool fellowship stuff (3 man instances in Eregion for example and the ever more challenging book chapters (book 15 Chapter 12 is a real toughie but a very satisfying end to volume 1). Apart from the new classes I don’t think they have done much for the lower level players but Turbines drip drip feed of expansions means that if you haven’t playe din a while there is bound to be a lot of new stuff that you haven’t tried anyway.


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