WordPress Logic

I had a post planned for today, but it had pictures to go with it, and currently WordPress.com is presenting me with this bit of logic:

WordPress tip: You have uploaded 295 MB of files, exceeding your quota by 5 GB. Consider deleting some files to free up more space, or purchasing a space upgrade so you can upload more.

295 MB > 5GB?

This would be more humorous if I had not purchased a space upgrade already this year.  My old 5GB upgrade expired today and they yanked that, but they yanked the upgrade I just purchased as well.  I went from 9.7GB of free space to 295MB over my limit.

We’ll see what sort of response I get from their support.  As with most “free” things, support can be a very casual thing at WordPress.com, so I remain pessimistic.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Logic

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think that message might be a candidate for the Daily WTF Error’d column.

    I would have posted an actual screen shot of the message, but I cannot upload anything, as the message states. I hate to have to start mucking around with PhotoBucket or the like.


  2. Morane

    Daily WTF ?! Love that place!

    I have to check every morning just to make sure none of my old stuff is ever posted.


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