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Station Cash – The Next Question

Station Cash, a real live RMT system, was introduced into EverQuest and EverQuest II this week much to the surprise of the players.

Those opposed to RMT in any form were, of course, incensed.  Much cancelling of accounts ensued, if you believe everything you read in the forums.

Myself, I was just underwhelmed by what was being offered and, as Mr. Zenke pointed out, the price point of some of the fluff for sale.  They certainly don’t seem to qualify as micro transactionsDarren’s response did not go into his usual fear of being “nickled and dimed to death” because prices start at a dollar. (Or a Euro, if you live in parts of the EU.  No doubt there is some sort of virtual fluff VAT that requires you to pay more for you Station Cash.)

But the next question that comes to my mind is, what other current SOE games are going to get an RMT fluff option?  We know all the upcoming titles will have it, but who else will get a retro-fit?

Or do any of the other SOE games have enough subscribers to warrant the effort of slapping on a Station Cash store?

Will there be Vanguard RMT fluff?  Matrix Online RMT fluff?

Who will get it next?

WordPress Fixed

And, in one more small post this morning, I got a note from WordPress.com last night saying “Oops, sorry!” and telling me they fixed the problem.

So now my dashboard says I am using 295MB and have 7.7GB remaining.

Heh, it seems that when I bought the space upgrade originally, back when the default amount of space was pretty small, they zeroed that out and only gave me the space I had purchased.

These days you get 3GB of space for free, and when they fixed my account, I got that space back as well.

So why did I buy that extra space again?

Consider it my donation to keeping WordPress.com going I guess.

Oh, and this is also my 1,000th post.

I actually had something planned for that milestone.  I probably won’t get to that until next week though.

And Then There Was SWTOR…

And then EA announced yesterday that Star Wars: The Old Republic was going to be microtransaction based.  Or maybe they didn’t.

There were both positive and negative reactions to this.

My own thought was, “Does that make it ‘Battlefield Heroes‘ in space?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

So summing up, my reaction to SOE’s RMT announcement was, “Meh.”

My reaction to this retracted announcement merely dropped a letter and came up as, “Eh?”

Station Cash

Everybody else is talking about Station Cash being introduced into EverQuest and EverQuest II.  Even Smed. [Edit Sept 22, 2016: Daybreak deleted the old Station Blog, but nothing on the internet is ever forgotten, so you can find Smed’s words here.]

My own reaction: Meh.

Honestly, there isn’t a single item on the list for which I would pay cash.  Not in either game.

But that is the danger of adding in RMT after the fact.  You have to make the items useful, but not game affecting.

I am sure somebody out there will find this stuff a boon.  And perhaps SOE will add better items in the future.  But right now I cannot see even spending the “free” 150 units of Station Cash they gave me.

So, for me, it is just, “meh.”